29 Replies to “Will This Nose Hack Work? 🤔”

  1. How do I “snatch” my stomach? Can I just put that dark stuff on to look (as you would say) SKINNNNYYY!! ?

  2. This is one of those things that may look amazing in photos and videos, but crazy in person. Like almost all instagram makeup.

  3. This is probably one of my favourite makeup looks by you ever! It’s gorgeous


  5. Omggg I’m trying this bc I feel like “normal” contour just makes my nose bigger 👃

  6. I'm not sure why people continue to contour their noses into oblivion. It's a nose. We all have them. Pencil size bridges aren't realistic or beautiful.

  7. Every few weeks TikTok makeup artists will “discover” drag makeup techniques and repackage them for mainstream audiences

  8. That’s gorgeous but wonder how they just found it now, cause DRAG QUEENS have been using this since forever

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