Winter Garden Tour ❄️🌲// Garden Answer

Winter Garden Tour ❄️🌲

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10 Replies to “Winter Garden Tour ❄️🌲// Garden Answer”

  1. Thank you!!! Amazing… love the drone finish! Merry Christmas! Laura and Aaron ☃️🎄💚❤️💚❤️🥂

  2. I always look forward to having my morning coffee with your videos…
    Regarding the unsightly power box on the Hartley, have you considered painting "bricks" on it until your future plantings hide it better? As talented as you are, it shouldn't be hard.
    Keep those wonderful videos coming. Love you and your beautiful family..

  3. The tour was wonderful and topped off by Aaron's drone work with the soothing music…ahh….magic. Now to watch the Christmas lights tour! As we come to the end of another year where we give thanks and count our blessings, I'm counting Aaron, Laura, Benjamin, Samantha Grace and the extended family on my list. Your family is a blessing to me and others. Sharing your love of gardening and family is just so special. God bless you and shower you with much love and happiness.

  4. “Aaron!! Why didn’t you TELL me that my coat hood was wonky?!?!” 🤣 Men!!
    (Great tour Laura and Aaron!)

  5. I wonder if the chelated iron treatment is permeating the hydrangeas and transferring to the siding? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. Loved this video and took so many notes! Found out I should NOT be cutting back my Pinkberry or my butterly bushes in the Fall!!! About the square obelisk in your raised garden beds…are they 5 or 7 feet high? Thank you in advance and for all you do!

  7. We have 2 Bald Cypress trees and we just love them….but when all of their foliage falls it is pretty and a mess. Our trees are in the yard so the lawn mower does not like picking up all of it. And there are a lot of small branches that fall. They are worth it though.

  8. Does your Italian ice or at last rose form hips? I have several and the hips have shriveled. The flowers did beautifully this year and I was hoping for hips this winter 😢

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