You might want to rethink your address sign when you see this!

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26 Replies to “You might want to rethink your address sign when you see this!”

  1. To answer your question about the wooden sign: First of all, I really like your idea and it looks very nice. I would secure it starting from the second row of bricks at the top and perhaps have a small hook or two below the numbers to hang a small planter with a smaller solar light (eliminating the electrical cord). That's just my 2 cents; but thanks for planting a seed in my little head, I now have an idea for our much needed address sign upgrade. ????????

  2. Having trouble seeing the numbers from the shacow the light casts. Put it up higher between the garage doors with lighting from above and below or just above after you have cut the board down. Forget the plant. Love the raised letters and the gold tone ????

  3. Leave whole board add plant pot hanger to board mount to wall that way you don't have worries with wind ECT.

  4. Love that idea for the concrete house numbers. These are both great ideas, thanks so much ????

  5. I would screw it into the wall if this will be your home for a long time. I think when it storms you may loose it in the wind or with flooding. I really like the uplighting on it. ????????

  6. The concrete idea would be longest lasting except for the wooden dowel. I would suggest rebar or some other metal. The other one is very pretty but would be subject to falling over. Is there anyway to attach it to the planter?

  7. I’d still miss those yard numbers cause I’d be looking at the house for it. ????

  8. Awesome! Love your videos! God bless you!!!! / God bless everyone who reads this: make sure you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour! He is coming soon! Don't be left behind! Accept and believe in Jesus Christ! John 3:16, Revelation 20:15, 1 Corrinthians 15 1-4 and Romans 10 9 and 10

  9. I'd leave it long with the plant but still screw it into the brick behind it. A big wind storm would send it off like a rocket.

  10. The bottom lighting doesn't do well with the sign leaning. Might look better if flush with wall?

  11. Love both idea's , for the 2nd one I'll screw it onto the wall cause the wind or something may knock it over . yes I would cut it & put the light above it .

  12. This is too much work. Just go to Michael's and buy the large wooden numbers. Will cost you about 10 bucks.

  13. I love the second sign but did you try a light from above just to see what worked better?

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