YOUR Perfect BLUSH Shade! ???? ???????? #JohnnyRossMakeup

TIPS for choosing the PERFECT shade of BLUSH for YOU! Some of my favorites are tagged in the video!

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30 Replies to “YOUR Perfect BLUSH Shade! ???? ???????? #JohnnyRossMakeup”

  1. How do you get the hair off? Waxing leaves my skin raw for days, and the razor I've been using leaves stubble (or takes the skin off with it. Does the makeup hide the stubble? How do you get your skin that smooth?

  2. Watching your info videos makes me wanna break out my care bear makeup set and go wild. Thanks homie ????

  3. Me who's plae and only wears mascara cause I'm lazy: Mhm, my blush matches my outfits then

  4. I really hope that it doesn't come back one day that you are really an asshole at heart. That would give me the sads.

  5. I love these videos. Fun and I have learnt so much. Hardly ever wear make up but I now know why I look like a 15 year old when I do. It is a real science and I am so ignorant with no intuition.

  6. It's great to know if you're cool/warm/neutral because it applies to all colors. Knowing this can really help enhance your entire look including your clothes. It's a big reason why certain tones, though we might love them, just don't look as good on our bodies compared to other tones of the same color.

  7. I'd love for you to help me with basic makeup, I'm 53 and have never really worn makeup not even a base. I just love your videos xxxxxxxxx

  8. Iโ€™m lucky to wear anything till winter then itโ€™s just clown makeup in me

  9. Believe it or not, I'm 32 and never was interested in make up until these fantastic creators on YT! Thank you sooooo much Johnny, you are making my learning super exciting and easy. You're so talented and fun, love your videos????

  10. I feel like us neutrals need to apologize somehow? ????โ€โ™€๏ธ????

  11. I have cool undertones and I was always given warm foundations & concealers and blushes whenever someone would buy me makeup. I never even knew there were cool vs warm vs neutral ones, I always just picked the lightest ones I could find and theyโ€™d make me look jaundiced and sickly ???? Thank you for being the first artist to ever enlighten me about undertones! ????

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