12 Replies to “You’ve got to try heat proof BBQ gloves! Game changer!!”

  1. Done this with these gloves. You feel no heat but you lose the fabric as the charcoal burns through the top layers of the glove. Only have a few goes at this before you need a new pair. Just use tongs to move the charcoal

  2. I’ve already bought them, but for some reason every time I give them to my son who loves barbecuing they disappear thank you for reminding me for to get another pair????

  3. I've burned myself so badly on my oven grate using one of these, I don't trust them anymore.

  4. I hate wearing gloves, they get in the way. Raw meat prep, chemicals, poop stuff or winter time is when I will make make my poor hands sweat.

    On the other hand (no pun intended) you should see my dads forearms and hands after bbqing and smoking for 40 years. It looks like he reached into the suns surface. The hot fire gloves are for people that like to pass hot ass charcoal from one to another, besides that I can use tongs, wet towels ect like we've done since fire was invented ????

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