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Do you have bad quilting habits? I know I do. Bad habits are something we do now to make our lives easier but pay a price for it in the long term. Some of them are at the expense of our work, our space and our mental health. Here is a list of 8 bad habits that I had, and why I fixed them

Self Threading Needles

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  1. I have had to correct some bad habits over the years and unfortunately I am still working on many more. I hope that you can have laugh at my expense..
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  2. Hi Karen – the burying threads as you go along with self threading needles is a great idea, u gave before. I have incorporated it in my daily quilting and it is GREAT! THANKS!

  3. I have already slowed down my quilting, results are much better and process becomes more relaxing! I've done enough "punching a clock", decided I wasn't going to anymore!! But, I have to get on board with the pictures and labels!! Thank you!!

  4. Hi longtime follower very rarely do I comment, but your teal? Blouse is beautiful on you that is your color it works with everything lipstick glasses …you always look very nice but that color is beautiful on you …Thank you kindly for the lovely videos
    Your a very intelligent and interesting person enjoy following you 🙂

  5. As always, Karen, your videos are great. It’s not just the subject matter (which is always timely and interesting) it’s your voice and your facial expressions which emphasize what you’re saying. Don’t know if I’m being clear, but I love your videos and hope maybe to meet you one day at a quilt shoe! ????????

  6. Several of your points resonated with me. Thank you for taking the time and sharing with us.

  7. Always nice to have a new video. Your videos and tutorials are what has made me better. You’re right on all those points. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for letting us feel okay about getting rid of some of the quilt “baggage”!

  9. Hi Karen, You have such a kind, encouraging, self – respecting, and positive communication style. I have needed this life lesson for longer than I care to admit. My mother was an elementary school teacher for 32 years. I know she tried to teach me but sadly I would not listen despite the wonderful example she set for me. Whenever she would come to visit me and my children, she always got to work somewhere in my home. She had such good intentions. After her visit was over and she was on her way home, somewhere in my home I would discover a place of precision and order that looked beautiful. I loved the gift but just told myself I had no time to do things her way. Now that my Mother, my Grandma, and all of my Aunts (all beautiful seamstresses and quilters) have all passed away, I miss them and especially my Mother. I did not learn how quilt, but truly loved the quilts given to me. For over a year now I have been watching quilting tutorials but have yet to actually make one. I am so so glad I listened to this tutorial. Putting your great advice into practice will ensure that I can look forward to loving the quilts I make and them being nice enough to give as gifts! ❤❤❤❤

  10. As usual, a great video…thank you so much for your ' just in time' suggestions! I could not locate the link for how to create the labels..

  11. I truly enjoy hearing how you think about various aspects of making quilts, effective creative spaces, and all the other topics you discuss about just getting it done in a way that is satisfying.

    During this particular video I was thinking about the trade-off between "good enough" and "it needs to be perfect". You helped me in various videos tame my perfectionist tendencies so that I could recognize when something was good enough and when it wasn't. I happily redo what isn't good enough and learn how to limit that problem in the future.

    Thank you for your videos! ❤

  12. "Be Kind to Yourself," love it! I've had to break some of the same bad habits. 🙂 Thanks for all the great tips that you always provide.

  13. You are so right about many of the mistakes we have made. I identify with quite a few of the same ones that you overcame. I had a featherweight sewing machine given to me over 20 years ago. I was so excited. Over those twenty years I sent it to be serviced twice although I never used it. I finally realized that just because others may covet this machine I don't have to. If I don't want to sew on this machine, I should not feel guilty. So I sent it off to auction.

  14. My worst habit is sewing too fast. Also, not paying close attention to the quarter inch.

  15. I enjoy and get something(multiples) out of every video. We only need to satisfy ourselves but being our worst enemy we gravitate to our mistakes or as I like to call them Changes in the pattern. I think it was April Story who I first heard that one first. We need to say this is my quilt or block and I love it and stop right there. Habits they say only takes 21 days to change. I am going to work on my habits a little harder

  16. "Get rid of it if you are not going to use it!" In a recent conversation with my daughter about clearing out her father-in-law's stuff after he passed away, she requested that my sewing room be as supply free as possible before I die! So, when our church asked for "ribbon and washy tape" for girls' camp, I donated all of it! If I need a specific ribbon, I will buy it for that project, not wait for a project to show up to use the product! It was so freeing! My next declutter will have that goal for my daughter in mind. Not that I expect to check out any time soon, but I will have planned projects for what is on hand!

  17. Thanks for the label suggestion. Usually it is the last thing I sew on. I have tried writing labels with markers, but the ink runs, so I just take a little piece of Aida and create a simple cross stitch label. Just simply name and finished date. You're right. By the time you finish the binding exhaustion hits.

  18. As a beginner I’ve been astonished at the number of times I see experienced quilters comment on how fast a particular pattern is to put together. As if they just want to get the thing done rather than enjoy the process.

  19. Everyone who has good reason for their labels. However nothing I have EVER done has been worth anything to others. My family & friends could care less what I do. I understand historical interest of things that are/where of social value. But nothing I have or will ever do falls into that category. I enjoy your videos, Karen, thank you for your time & effort.

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