Yeni video bugün yayında #shorts




MASAJ : 500

Hi guys ,I’m Turkish barber Münür Önkan.Barber Shop Therapy for Asmr Sleep on this channel.

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I have the European championship individually and as a team, as well as the Turkish championship.
I was selected as the Best Hairdresser in the Best Best Awards 2018-2019-2020.
As well as being a professional competence evaluator, I am a hair cutting technique trainer at apprentice training centers.
I have expertise in chiropractic, skin and hair care. General address information is available below. Please make an appointment.

Emek Mah. 12. Cad No:16/Münür Erkek Kuaförü. Çankaya Ankara. (Emek Camii Yanı)
Münür Önkan

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24 Replies to “Yeni video bugün yayında #shorts”

  1. Bro had premium in his barber that’s why he is having his whole upper torso done ✅

  2. Looks like he's having fun he looks good at being a barber as well

  3. Guys are charging $300 for ah line up & he’s most likely charging less for all that

  4. Когда я был солагой батя нас епашел такой машинкой????????????????

  5. A new man emerges.
    Or at least he is literally more tender.
    His soul must be lighter, he left some some of it in that barber's chair.
    Had to be poured into the car for the trip home. I woulda fell asleep in the parking lot.

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