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  1. At this point i should just freaking weld my doors and gates up before leaving then bust out my wireless grinder when i arrive.

  2. U just need to fiddle with the lock to alert my rottweiler that's what I relie on, all locks can be picked so have alternative security

  3. You know, this is still a relative small vulnerabiliy compared to printing the master lock logo on your lock.

  4. What I think about those bad boys ? I think you are paying a lot of money for criminals to easily get into your home :-s Just get a Taco Bell dog, man. It would guard your property better than all that wasted steel :-s

    O better yet: put a big rock in front of that door. It will be harder to lift it and move it around :))

  5. A master key can unlock all locks a master lock can be unlocked by all keys

  6. Isnt that brand one that you can basically slap and itll open? A key that opens any lock is a skeleton, or master key, i guess a lock that opens to any key is a Master lock

  7. I can see some guy in the engineering dept say: goT daMN,,,they don picked this new lock, already!!??

  8. Why are we showing people how to pick locks this shows how to literally break into people's things lol

  9. Question would this be a law suit since its a lie and anyone with lil to no skill can open something u thought was safe

  10. Its easier to pick the lock than taking the comb pin out of the lock insane , shows you how good master lock is at making shit locks with fastest picking time

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