28 Replies to “1 MIN ABS 💪🏼 Let’s go! #shorts #fitness #abs #abworkout #fitness #pilates”

  1. Thanks Cassey, this really made my day! This felt like helping to kick-start the work out routine again. Been trying to train to get into the ring but haven't figured out why I lost motivation to even do workouts like running or planks?

  2. I love all your clothing designs and workouts! Sorry mind my name. I love your workout bags, but as a shorter person would you consider a smaller one?

  3. I’m not lying I was literally laying on my bed scrolling before this video, but this motivated me to get up and do this, thank you! ❤️

  4. Can we appreciate how the music goes in perfect sync with her instructions🙂💕

  5. Her positive energy and motivating words just makes us go harder through the workouts, It’s Amazing! I love her products that she creates as well✨

  6. Does anyone else's neck just die when they pose like that? Is there a neck-ab exercise?💀💀

  7. It looks so easy.

    But as someone who does bicycles for 1 minute, I know nothing is what it seems.

  8. Ouu what is the name of these shorts though? I love the length and colour!

  9. Can you please make a legging for kids/ teens I never feel comfortable wearing leggings. It makes me look like a box and flat. US YOUNG TEENS NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m keeping my legs together but I can’t get them to be straight like yours. 😅

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