How to cook Leather Britches, and Using your Garden for the best Marinara Sauce!



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recipe marinara
base for marinara
2 cups small Garden salad tomatoes
green bell pepper
salt pepper

9 small to medium tomatoes

to your taste add
garlic powder
bay leaf
anchovy paste
fresh basil
sugar, can use Brown sugar

Leather Britches
3 cups dry green beans
water to cover
salt pork or bacon
2 t. minced garlic
bacon grease

What are Leather Britches video

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28 Replies to “How to cook Leather Britches, and Using your Garden for the best Marinara Sauce!”

  1. I love that you keep the Faith and the Old Ways Alive with your Videos, love everything You and Mr Brown do on Your Channel, You Two are a Sweet Couple Love Ya…

  2. Love your recipes today! I'll be stringing up some beans tomorrow since I am taking a break from pressure canning them. It's always good to do a variety of ways in preserving the harvest. Love to you and Mr. Brown…Have a great week❣️

  3. Perfect recipe those lonely counter pickins. A little goes a long way when we become aware of current situations. It’s like a thinking switch was flipped in my mind with this inflation and supply chain issues.
    I’ve been researching these leather britches for all the knowledge I can about them. Your presentation was excellent. I’m ready to start stringing! God Bless

  4. Miss Lori… I’ve never heard of leather bitches but great idea! Have you ever tired cooking the yellow pear tomatoes in butter? They are wonderful! Do you have a recipe for baked hash?

  5. As usual…just amazing! I’ve never seen green beans preserved this way😊

  6. Mmmm love the squash and potatoes and okra yummy. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. I remember when you showed the britches green beans. Thank you for sharing Miss Lori have a blessed day stay safe and healthy. Mmmm looks delicious yummy πŸ™β€πŸ™β€πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  8. Wish I would of grown beans this year!! And the marinara sauce- yummm!😍

  9. Hi πŸ™‚ ! I'm enjoying your video. I luvluvluvluv Marinara Sauce!! Thank you for the tip: Putting Fennel in your Sauce. I've NEVER thought of that!
    A tip for you, if you didn't already know; add Fennel Seeds, Fresh Garlic & Sage to Ground Turkey. Let it sit for @ least an hour (overnight is fine). The first time I did this, I sauteed it & added it to Pasta Sauce. My better half told me that if I didn't tell him, he would have been certain it was Sausage ☺️☺️. TYFS πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹!!! Enjoy this Funday Sunday & Keep Cool!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    P.S. My mom always sauteed Anchovies in the base of her Pasta Sauces – NO comparison to Sauces without it!!!!!!! (She also always used Butter in her Sauces & just about EVERYTHING 😚).

  10. Good Sunday Morning Mrs.Lorie. I've been binge watching and very much enjoying your canning video's.Do you have a canning cookbook?
    My husband and i broke 3 bushels of bean while watching you and Mr. Brown. If the world had more people like you it would be wonderful. Hope you have a Blessed Day.

  11. Good ole shucky beans. We dried ours in the sun for a week and always had them for the holidays.

  12. I just made your homage ranch dressing and , WOW it was fantastic!!! My kids just inhaled it!! Thanks for your great recipe and hard work to help make my family happy and healthy!! God bless you and Mr. Brown!!

  13. I remember watching a movie that depicted Appalachia & the women were sitting on the porch stringing green beans. I had never seen it done before & I'm not a youngster! Lol.

  14. I grew yellow pear tomatoes for the first time this year. Very prolific. Unfortunately, they were very prone to splitting. Placed them in freezer to make tomato preserves later.

  15. Goodmorning:) I was looking to buy your cookbook but I see that it is sold out:( Do you know when you may have one in stock? Christmas is coming on and I would love to get 2 more extra for my daughters. Thank you. And I really love your videos. They are very comforting to me and instructional:)

  16. My Mamaw called the dried beans shuck beans. I helped string a plenty & they are so good. Love your new stove & absolutely love your videos!

  17. This is none of my business, I guess, but have you seen the latest video from Vickie's Country Home? Heartbreaking. Praying for a good outcome!! I stumbled on that video a few minutes ago, and from some of her video titles, I assume you know her.

  18. We sure love our yellow pear tomatoes too. Gosh they are prolific. I also don’t remove the tomato skins either, once they are blitzed with the immersion blender they aren’t noticeable.
    I just love your easy peasy recipes. You make it so fun.

  19. I love that you use up all the ends. I always say, waste not- want not. I learned that sayin’ from my Grandma. She taught me to dry beans. We strung either Kentucky wonder string beans or white half-runner string beans. I absolutely love dried beans, my Grandma was from Kentucky and she called them β€œshuck beans β€œ. Makes me smile to remember this moment with my Grandma.

  20. Love you both. I'd just like to say that the lighting in your new setup is a bit harsh, especially from behind you.

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