10 Easy Exercises For Beautiful Arms

How to Get Beautiful Arms and Tight Breasts. In case you’re looking for an easy way to get a perfectly toned summer body without diets or hours at the gym, this one is for you. A French TV star and the author of the bestseller Self-lifting Camille Volaire developed a set of exercises for beautiful breasts, which has become popular all over the world. You won’t need any special equipment to do the exercises, so you can start this physical workout right now while watching this video.

“Catcher of stars” exercise 0:30
“Elephant” exercise 2:05
“Cobra” exercise 3:22
“Tennis ball” exercise 4:36
“Book” exercise 5:35
“Scissors” exercise 6:40
“Albatros” exercise 7:39
“Pillow” exercise 8:45
“Cradle” exercise 9:37
“Under chin” exercise 10:32


-A quality warm-up serves as a mental preparation for a workout: it increases your focus, prepares your mind, and improves concentration. “Catcher of stars” elevates your body temperature which, in turn, improves the elasticity of muscles. It makes blood vessels dilate which leads to the lower stress on your heart.
-“Elephant” exercise helps to strengthen the back and the neck as well as relax chest muscles.
-“Cobra” exercise strengthens your upper body. It might seem difficult for an untrained person to perform this exercise but if you do it regularly, it gets easier with time.
-“Tennis ball” exercise is considered one of the most important elements of this set and helps to strengthen breasts muscles.
-“Book” exercise is perfect for tightening breasts and strengthening back muscles.
-“Scissors” exercise helps to stretch chest muscles and correct the posture. The main thing you should pay attention to is how straight your back is.
-“Albatros” exercise is for strengthening your large and small chest muscles.
-The “Pillow” trains your large and small chest muscles.
-“Cradle” exercise helps to strengthen supporting breasts muscles. Its technique is pretty simple, but you need to follow it precisely.
-As you will feel and see after some time, the “Under chin” exercise strengthens the chest and back muscles. That’s why it’s so important to finish your workout with these movements.

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  1. On certain exercises like the book and crossover I’m using 2lb weights for a better result as these are the same as a friend’s trainer does with her

  2. In how many days it will work plz anybody reply…..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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