10 Minute Creamy Pasta Recipe – Laura Vitale

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23 Replies to “10 Minute Creamy Pasta Recipe – Laura Vitale”

  1. I am the POSTER CHILD for invisalign at 66 years old! You will be SO HAPPY. I am in year-four of the retainer stage. I RELIGIOUSLY wear them every night. Can't sleep without them. My teeth were horrible, but now perfect!

  2. In the Netherlands we can actually get this pre-made from the freezer section. It's from Igloo and it's called boursin spinach pasta with chicken. When they just introduced that it was fabulous, but I don't know what they did since a few years it just tastes like nothing and the pasta they use is incredibly mushy. ????
    It's waaaay better to make it yourself from scratch and get the best flavor and quality. Also igloo adds pine nuts, which imo ruin the texture of the whole thing. I do miss the old version from igloo tho, that was like a 5min pasta and only one pan dirty ????
    Anyhow. I can't really cook at home the coming weeks anyway, since my kitchen was taken out yesterday (getting an all new one) but I'm watching all these vids for inspiration for when my kitchen is done ????????????

  3. Mrs. Laura , very nice recipe & looks delicious, I am a carnivore but I think I'll eat this recipe as is, don't worry about the clear invisalign plate , we can underschtand you with your lishp , lol , I'm just teasing you young lady, 2 of my 5 grown children wore them & they do work well, God Bless everyone

  4. I love your recipes, Laura! I've been subscribed to you for years now and you are my absolute go-to for meals! My husband and I have been struggling financially but your recipes don't require so much expensive stuff so we eat delicious food on a budget! Thank you so much <3

  5. I wish you had a better website. Can't find this recipe on it. Would you provide a direct link? Thank you. Have a blessed and beautiful day ????

  6. This is my go to recipe to “clean out the fridge”. I typically use some dry white wine to loosen the sauce but using pasta water works too

  7. Making this next week. I've only used your recipes for the past 2 weeks, absolutely delicious every time!

  8. Laura, you look so much like your mama with your hair like that. Thank you for blessing us with these videos so frequently. My kiddos and I made the spaghetti pie the other day and it’s now a staple. Can’t wait to try this!

  9. Looks absolutely delicious,love boursin cheese , especially the apple and cinnamon one. It's delicious, making this dish today and your sweet Thai chicken tomorrow. I can't wait ❤

  10. I would definitely use sun dried tomatoes. I love them and I feel I don't use them enough. Thos is a great way.

  11. I like to use the bell pasta with cooked and peeled shrimp, cooked broccoli, olive oil, garlic, oregano, fresh crushed salt and pepper and Parmesan cheese. Great for summer dinners.

  12. Laura can you link the pot and pan in your stories on Instagram. I've been looking for a set like this. Thanks Queen!

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