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1) Magnus Ringblom – Twisted Mentality
2) Martin Hall – While You Can
3) Martin Hall – Forget About Yourself
4) Sebastian Forslund – Green Hills
5) Martin Hall – While You Can
6) Yomoti – Too Unusual
7) Martin Hall – On A Wire
8) Bonkers Beat Club – Who It Was
9) Sebastian Forslund – Complications
10) Dion – Runaround Sue
11) Sebastian Forslund – In Our Hands
12) Martin Hall – How Will I Cope
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Filmed and edited by Rachel Aust.

17 Replies to “10 Things You Should Do EVERY DAY For A HEALTHIER + HAPPIER YOU”

  1. I just discovered your channel and I'm OBSESSED! Where did you get your laptop set-up from? I'm just about to start my PhD and need a good stand like that! X

  2. Hello again on this day 35 with your videos. Realizing after many months of "practicing" how I still make a mess in our apt by going from one task to another without finishing the first one AND only starting out with the task that "pleases me" (like making "creative labels" for box labeling!) rather than getting the laundry down that sits now piled in in the hall waiting for "its turn" which just MAYBE! will be tomorrow ! hmmm I WILL KEEP TRYING THOUGH and not give up 'cus I watch one of your videos each day and have done so CONSISTENTLY. (Hurrah for that!) BYE!

  3. Every night before I go to sleep I write my goals on my onenote app on my laptop, as I go through the next day I strikethrough tasks as I complete them. Also every morning before I do anything, I tidy my bed and fold my throw blankets in the same little decorative pattern on the end of my bed.

  4. Wow… you must be a genius. We should all take advice from such a wise and knowledgeable scholar of the world.

  5. You are GLOWING ! Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for all these positive living videos. ♥️

  6. I feel like you're too beautiful for tattoos I wish you'd see that dam ur bf is fiiiine

  7. Hi Rachel,
    I've been struggling to stay on track with my diet, and I also have a big appetite for food. I've been finding myself losing control with food lately and it is very upsetting. It's not the first time I've lost control. I've managed to regain control over food in the past but it can get really discouraging when the same thing happens again and again. It feels like I'll never get the body that I want. Please help

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