10 Tips to Feel HAPPY & CALM!

Feeling sad and stressed? These are 10 ways to feel happy and stress-free this spring! Big Thanks to HelloFresh! For 16 free meals with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping, use code CLUTTERBUG16 at https://bit.ly/3VjWYYQ

These spring must-haves will help your home feel fresh, clean and calm – without a lot of time or effort! Here are some of my fav things from this video:

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00:00 Start
00:38 Plant an Herb Pot
01:48 Make a To Don’t List
02:53 Dirt Buster
03:40 Fresh Your Front Door
05:05 Add Some Plants
06:30 Reduce Surface Clutter
07:17 Add Flowers
08:30 Simplify Your Wardrobe
09:25 HelloFresh Ad
10:28 Organization
11:37 Use Lavender
13:15 End Story

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26 Replies to “10 Tips to Feel HAPPY & CALM!”

  1. Love your content! Really appreciate things you share at the end. I listen to binural beats on YouTube. It is important that you use headphones or ear buds that are for Right and Left since different tones go into each ear. I also use this to help me focus to get tasks done.

  2. Lol love your stories! I like talking a walk or a relaxing bubble bath with a book and nature sounds playing. Also reading in the hammock or having camomile tea. I like using lavender spray too

  3. Lol, HIDE! Just for a few minutes ! I feel so much better. I do like the weed though, I think it’s just being outside that I enjoy and I like getting dirty. Then taking a nice, hot shower a perfect day lol stress relief. Great video ,Thanks for sharing.

  4. To lower my stress level I simply take 20 minutes to sit in the sunlight. If it’s raining I sit and enjoy watching the rain ❤

  5. walking the dogs keeps me happy – outside and gentle walking for at least an hour in the countryside.

  6. Looking at the sun 1st thing in the morning as it rises it is supposed to help you wake up and set the tone for your day. Also deep breathing (like a box breath) or a quick calm meditatiom with my eyes closed helps me reset when im feeling stressed.

  7. I love that you wear colour, Cas! BTW, Sanseveria (aka snake plant) is super great at cleaning toxins out of your air (indoors), don’t like much water, and only need a little water about once a month. Just a thought. ????
    Oh, and for those of us who live in warmer climates, we have to vernalise (chill) our bulbs, or we won’t get any flowers. The trick is to write on the paper bag with a sharpie before you put the bulbs in it! ???? Your poor mum.

  8. Journalling or doing a brain dump can help me feel more calm. Music is also a great stress reliever too.

  9. First of all I just love the story at the end it just made me laugh. I love having breakfast on my deck when I'm off. It just says so relaxing to sit outside the fresh morning air and my cup of coffee.

  10. Sitting out in nature reduces the stress… I like natural scents that mimic this in the house too, I have a lemon tree that is blossoming, when the toddler tantrums my version of counting to 10 is to take a sniff of that lemon tree ????

  11. To destress, I turn off anything I can that makes noise (my husband isn't one of these things ????????), especially my phone, and read or do a jigsaw puzzle. If I need to distress but don't need silence, music is the magic. ☺☺

  12. Hi Cas. I love your videos and am so grateful to you ❤️ I love the idea of the don't list. I'm always yes to everyone so need to learn to say no sometimes. I'm going to try the herbs on my window sill, i have some fake plants as I'm a nightmare keeping plants alive ???? i joined your membership yesterday ❤???????? think I'm more of a butterfly ????

  13. I like to light a scented candle, and sip a cup of chai tea. I like to take an Epsom salt bath by candlelight while listening to spa music on YouTube.

  14. I decided to create, kind of, anchors in m'y physical space. I mean : spotting sthg you will consider as beautiful and friendly and comforting (why not your tulips ?) and each time I see it I see its beauty. Every day I drive to work and see this castle (yeah, France, you know). I SMILE at it. Or makes me feel good. It doesn't smile back (Well.. .kind of) but it is always here and that is comforting !

  15. Love that dress on you. I was going to ask where you got it, but I’m thinking Amazon? To reduce stress, I eat junk and watch Netflix. That’s probably why I’m overweight and diabetic! (I look forward to reading the other things people do to reduce stress.). ????

  16. Speaking of daffodils, gardening is how I handle and reduce stress – not ‘my garden needs to look like the cover of a magazine!’ gardening – more low key, plant some easy care bulbs (always add bonemeal when you plant them), some day lilies and irises, some tough shrubs, a few hardy vegetables, and go out and putter every so often. I basically aim for maximum beauty with minimum effort.???? Re herbs – sadly, I am a serial killer of basil. I’ve bought SO many of those cute li’l plants from the grocery store, only to have them keel over and die. Outside they get devoured by slugs. I can’t plant an herb garden – someone from the Society for the Protection of Basil will show up and stop me.????

  17. Organizing makes me happy. And watching your videos too. I have a mess apartment. But I did clean some small areas these days and try our best to keep it. When I see the clean surface, I feel less stress. I am used to ignoring it until you give me motivation to do it. My mom always say I am lazy. But now I know why. We are just different style organizers. Thank you!

    BTW, where can I find these plastic bins? Hehe

  18. Journal during my Bible Study, walk outside or on the treadmill, gardening.

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