10 Watch Style Rules You MUST Follow

10 watch style rules you must follow collated from the collective wisdom of the internet and verified by two style “experts”

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24 Replies to “10 Watch Style Rules You MUST Follow”

  1. My cream tie with white blue stripes with my light blue dress shirt. A very well with my Tiffany blue dial Rolex copy

  2. Here's a rule I don't think was mentioned: Unless you are John Wick or a legit sharpshooter, do not wear your watch upside down (i.e., dial on the inside of your wrist).

  3. Your wrong, a watch should be worn below the ball of the wrist joint. It's a wrist watch, not a forearm watch. And slightly loose is more comfortable and looks better

  4. I’m curious where this nodule at the wrist is… is it in front of the Ulna bone that sticks out on the left wrist… bc you should always wear your watch on your left wrist… ????

  5. The tail end of this conversation had me laughing out loud over my lunch. Thanks, gents!

  6. If its an alert watch ..never take it off. My mid 80s mum has one …the day she didnt wear it she had a fall. Jeez.

  7. I don't like my watch to move around my wrist too much, so I wear it on the tight side. Not cut off the circulation tight, but somewhat. Also with leather straps, I tend to like my leather (shoes, belt, watch strap) to somewhat match, but that's just me.

    I think truly wealthy people (of which I am definitely not one) do not wear diamond encrusted watches. They may have a watch that costs even more that one of those, but it won't shout out.

  8. Wrist shots should include an interesting watch and an interesting and/or attractive location and/or activity. Certain people should realise how it makes them look if they are showing off a tasteless watch AND car at the same time. They are figures of fun.

  9. why is NO ONE talking about the faces behind the voices. I must be late to the reveal. ????

  10. About wearing a large/larger watch with formal attire, that brings to mind James Bond wearing a divers watch with a tux. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, and he does make wearing a 42mm divers watch look good with a tux

  11. The new setup, are you on different locations?
    Just a suggestion- maybe something on your background? It is so empty, visually.
    And I honestly admit, there was a time I wore a watch on each wrist…????????‍♂️

  12. I struggle to match my watch with my underpants…which has occassionally lead to some strange comments and even screams of laughter down the local park ????????????????

  13. Not seen a Tiffany blue suite? Clearly not a visitor to Japan in the 1970s.

  14. I wear a mechanical watch and a smart watch for notifications, health and activity tracking. A friend once tried to test me to see if I would check my mechanical or smart watch for the time. ???? To her surprise I checked my mechanical watch hehehe The smart watch will go before my mechanical watch!

  15. Tom, I salute your good judgement ???? You should be the international judge of watch style indubitably.

  16. I think more people will use the divers' extension to put their Submariner over a puffer jacket than over a wet suit.

  17. Nice one guys as usual. As for wearing two watches? Well I guess I'm guilty of that, one tells me the time and the smart one works out what time I have left given all the bio stats that it seems to know about me. It's really useful most of the time but can get it wrong occasionally and that can be expensive. Just the other month it said I'll be dead in 90 minutes (no mention in my daily horoscope of this), So I got in the car and got myself a new watch at the AD, it was only after checking the time at the AD after the usual chat, bracelet adjustment and payment that I checked the time on time telling watch that I realised that 90 minutes had expired over an hour ago. So the moral of this story is that if your smart watch says you only have 90 minutes left do not drive silly fast to the watch AD as you could end up killing yourself (and others). Read the paper instead. Anyone want to buy my smart watch?

  18. hey Tom! take that foam screen off your mic. your pop screen is already doing that job and it may help your sound. not that it's bad sounding but….give it a shot!

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