10 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget In Spring

How to look classy & expensive in spring / summer 2022 without having to spend much! See below for links to my product recommendations of what expensive looking items to buy on a budget!

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Anna Bey is an elegance expert and educator, teaching women how to transform their lives to enjoy a more refined personal presence and lifestyle. She’s been featured in The Times UK, Newsweek, New York Post, Cosmopolitan and many more.

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⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ LINKS ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
Please note: all links are affiliate links, I earn a small commission on your sale but it does NOT affect your price! Most links promote budget items, but I’ve also included some premium and mid-range.

***I’ve not purchased and tested all of these items. Only items marked with “Anna’s” are purchased and tested by myself. I’ve selected these items so that you can find similar items t that I’ve recommended in today’s video!***

🥼 White skirt, white trousers, white jeans, white shorts

https://bit.ly/3kEGY22 – White trousers
https://bit.ly/3FjGmIr – White denim skirt
https://bit.ly/3vJqtYQ – White shorts

👖 Colourful trousers

https://bit.ly/3w6JBij – Red trousers
https://bit.ly/3Fq6jpV – Blue trousers
https://bit.ly/3MRuO1U – Pink trousers

👞 Loafer Mules

https://bit.ly/3kKPRHs – White loafer mules
https://bit.ly/3kJy2Zc – White ballerina mules
https://bit.ly/3yhgiwm – Black loafer mules
https://rstyle.me/+dvOteLJtorCxB5ZRlwDNEg – Anna’s White Mules (Premium)
https://rstyle.me/+96LiWuFyIQhJv7iBUUMbiQ – Black Gucci Mules (Premium)

👚 Short sleeve / sleeveless turtleneck

https://bit.ly/3vIhNBY – Pink short sleeve turtle neck
https://bit.ly/3w5ejIz – White short sleeve turtle neck
https://bit.ly/3vLIRjF – Black short sleeve turtle neck
https://bit.ly/3OYr1Se – Black sleeveless turtle neck
https://rstyle.me/+fabqXd4M9lKyjk_8xj-DYg – Black sleeveless turtle neck
https://rstyle.me/+3w1D-6t2zI7IJkt30PCFsQ – White sleeveless turtle neck

👗 Shirt dress

https://bit.ly/3FltWQh – Navy shirt dress
https://bit.ly/3LN6xdf – Navy linen shirt dress
https://bit.ly/3sfSRzs – Red shirt dress
https://bit.ly/3KOyyzH – Black jersey shirt dress
https://bit.ly/3FjyvuA – Green shirt dress
https://bit.ly/3LOYgp4 – White shirt dress
https://rstyle.me/+28kAjxA3yWzXLdMh6Bl6og – White shirt dress (Mid-range)
https://rstyle.me/+CGoSnPvSYU9UWlvxVsWYWg – White linen shirt dress
https://rstyle.me/+Djyf6UNy3xYaJUoE2z-47w – White casual linen shirt dress
https://rstyle.me/+XPmfY7dXmgMXxiAhgEdxsw – Blue shirt dress (mid-range)
https://rstyle.me/+z5KHxXYmnmhkLi2M7DIvbw – Anna’s Black Shirt Dress (Mid-range)

🪢 Slim belt

https://bit.ly/3MVy3Fg – White belt
https://bit.ly/3kICeZb – Brown Croc belt
https://bit.ly/3OZTpDu – Anna’s black croc belt
https://bit.ly/3w72Gkv – White textile belt
https://bit.ly/3w9soF5 – Brown croc belt

🥻Matching set of co-ordinates

https://bit.ly/39tPLRW – Tweed co-ords (Mid-range)
https://bit.ly/3vMz8K1 – Beige co-ords (Mid-range)
https://rstyle.me/+ToTSRaYiO9_lteynUTNfWg – Green tweed co-ords
https://rstyle.me/+0pFZWhHZQ2b-YyMUmoRKrA – Black tweed co-ords

👟 White sneakers

https://bit.ly/3yb1wam – White minimal sneakers
https://bit.ly/38Oo8ml – White platform sneakers
https://bit.ly/3ycqy93 – White sneakers

👗 Tweed Skirt

https://bit.ly/3vZa4hC – Yellow Tweed Skirt
https://bit.ly/3LQ4tAX – Green Tweed Skirt (Mid-range)
https://bit.ly/3MK3dzA – Green Tweed Skirt
https://rstyle.me/+R4d_3d0-f5RFHcggoL5HgA – Black tweed skirt
https://rstyle.me/+KAFIembv1c8SclIW2_PHLA – Gold tweed skirt (premium)

🕶 Oversized Sunglasses

https://bit.ly/3Fmw1fa – Brown MK Sunglasses
https://bit.ly/3kL9mQa – Brown Polo Sunglasses
https://rstyle.me/+v2EkCHlgewaYvWdla0cEbQ – Anna’s Chloe 2021 sunglasses (Premium)
https://rstyle.me/+fr4IWKhX1gb26WG5JiSwrg – Anna’s Chloe 2022 sunglasses (Premium)

Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed me sharing product links, if yes, I will start doing it every time! Thank you for watching and enjoy looking fabulous this spring! 🌸


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  1. • SAVE THE DATE: MAY 9TH 2022 • I'm organizing a LIVE Workshop where I will be teaching you ladies style truths they don't want you to know: Why you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear! We're going to fix that once and for all in the workshop, so make sure you join this FREE exclusive event! Registration: http://styletruths.com

  2. Hey, Anna I was just wondering where you got the painting at the back from?

  3. I sometimes miss hearing "my dear elegant ladies" 🥺 made me feel special before i even got the content 🙂

  4. The silk sets look like pajamas to me. The only people I see wearing jammies are usually at Walmart.

  5. Glad that tweed is popular this spring! Theres no such thing as to many tweed pieces in your wardrobe!

  6. anyone know where to buy turtlenecks online that's not from fast fashion stores? I've been looking on Amazon but it's hard to find non-synthentic material.

  7. I think that wearing a pastel top and a white bottom looks truly beautiful and elegant. White tops are quite common, but when we reverse it, it somehow looks more refined. Plus white is not suitable for everybody to wear close to our face (for example me :)))

  8. I’m 71 and I still wear mini skirts, many from the 60s! Lol. Rock it ladies.

  9. Anna I have an idea!! Can you make a video about MET Gala outfits?? That would be interesting

  10. Hey Anna! I am 17 year old and I would just love to say that I have been watching and keeping up with you for almost 2 years!!! Would just like to thank you for always sharing your knowledge and not gatekeeping it from the world. Your are amazing and as always look gorgeous 🙂

  11. I love her styling and relationship tips…these tips really add to my style…thank you ma’am ☺️❤️

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