10 Ways You Should Be Stocking Your Pantry! Practical Shopping Habits

10 Ways You Should Be Stocking Your Pantry during these times. Tips for practical shopping habits that will keep you from panicking!
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16 Replies to “10 Ways You Should Be Stocking Your Pantry! Practical Shopping Habits”

  1. I know everyone’s budget is different. Try stocking up with just $5 a week. https://youtu.be/UKsKCllegfg
    EGG UPDATE: Friday my Walmarts eggs went from $15.16-$7.89….this to shall pass.
    Happy Mother’s Day!❤️

  2. I knew a guy back around 1982 that worked at a factory that put labels on cans. He told me they put different company labels on the same cans, cheap companies and top companies. He was specifically talking about canned vegetables, same can, different company labels.

  3. I do my own canning, so am pretty good on that. I only buy what I will use, and always try to get on sale. Sometimes I will try something new, however I only buy one can to see if I would like it and just how much it would fit in to my menus. I went to Save-A-Lot and got one can of Country Sausage Gravy. It was .99cents. Ok it had the sausage in it, so I saved there, also the gravy was in. A milk type of gravy, so I wouldn't have to buy milk! I could make biscuits from scratch! A filling and comfort meal, that didn't cost going out and buying each ingredient on it's own. It's a win win! Great to have on the shelf. I went back after trying it and bought a case of 12 at a total of $11.88. You couldn't buy the ingredients to make it at that price now for even just one can! I might even go back and get another case. I could use it to give to someone that is having a hard time and in need of a warm meal. I often try to help someone out when they are going through some rough days.
    I bought extra eggs when I saw them at a good price, and froze them in some silicone muffin cups. One egg in each. Good for baking. I haven't tried doing them with out taking a fork and breaking it up though. I have used them for baking. Haven't tried them yet for scrambled eggs though. At least I have a back up now with the prices going up! I am now going to buy some Clear Gel to use to can up pie filling! That will be a first for me out of my comfort zone. Will be nice to have on hand though.
    Keep up the good work Kim, your always inspiring. Where I live we don't have any stores that sell #10 cans though. That would be nice to have. I even canned up Orange juice in pints, as that's all I would drink and the rest wouldn't get used up, so canning it also saved. I make all my own condiments too. So much fun, from mustard and ketchup to BBQ sauce etc.
    So if your just starting, buy one to use and one to save is a good start. Only buy what you WILL USE, otherwise your not saving. You can do this!! You can try a $5.00 limit and see what you can get for that, on a will use list. Just even it it's canned veggies, some are way under a $1.00, so you could get a lot of veggies canned for that price. Happy shopping everyone, you got this!😁🥕🌽🍅.

  4. Fried hotdogs and potatoes are really really good. I used to make it all the time camping.

  5. I am trying but it is hard when your spouse is not on board. There’s only the two of us at home now so I am having to reduce the size of the meals I freeze lol. thanks so much for all the information and encouragement and Happy Mother’s Day

  6. I want to extend a genuine THANK YOU!

    Long ago it seems, when I first started watching you, I fell in love with the pantry building ideas you always have given. Thanks to the Lord, and your tips – I have now a full year of food for my family of 5, with a bunch of way longer foods too. It gives me peace of mind. I'll obviously will never really stop, it just helps me to be more calm in these trying, UNCOMFORTABLE times.

    I pray you will keep reaching more and more ladies with this valuable information. You appear to be a real proverbs 31 woman, thank you for using your platform for GOOD.

  7. I’ve gotten back into canning! We plant a small garden & can a lot of staples. I also can meats when I can get them for am awesome price.
    I’m very fortunate to have family that raises beef cows so my freezers are always stocked up.

  8. Happy mothers day to all the moms! I just went to the stores yesterday. A bottle of ranch that used to be able to get for $0.92 is now a dollar fifty, and a 10 lb bag of sugar that I used to get for less than $4 is now over $5. Those are just two of the many examples of things that are going up and I don't see it changing anytime soon. I've been teaching my family to be more prepared and to use things appropriately and not waste things by throwing them away

  9. I love all the comments from different states and countries. I’m also very jealous of the Kroger gas discounts posted. I filled up Saturday for 4.08/gal. I was near empty so I really needed to. I got the best price that day in my area because of a 40 cents off per gallon Kroger discount. I’ve been shopping all over to get best prices so haven’t gone to Kroger exclusively. I may need to compare grocery savings to Kroger gas savings to see where I come out ahead. 😁 I’ve always liked to plan my errands I need to do by car for one day. Like a round trip to Kroger, then the library, gas, car wash, then post office, etc. I plan the route to go in a circle from home and back. Then I try to keep driving to minimum and avoid extra trips. I can use same tank of gas all month, unless hubby uses car or I visit a friend far away.

  10. Not all towns allow chickens. Be careful. $500 to set up for chickens. I ended up with a $200 fine and 2 weeks to get rid of my chickens. Now I'm stuck with an amazing coop and all the supplies. Sadly ppl care about property value over kids eating. My town even limits how many square feet we can grow edible plants. I'm stuck here. I'm so fusterated. I grew up on eggs and rice and plain tomato sauce and pasta for dinners and it was always PBJ for lunch and cereal for breakfast… snacks were for special occasions. We were so money tight and limited on food. Sounds like the world is going be the same.

  11. we were shopping and that means we were 5o miles from home. We decided to go through a drive through and get some fries to munch on on the way home We even had our drinks!! Cost over 30 dollars just for some fries to eat on the way home to where I could make dinner!!!! This world is messed up right now. Thank you for all of your helpful tips, we all need to do some changing. OH and I ordered my planner !!! Still don't have it but I hope every day when I go to the mailbox it will be there!!

  12. Hi Kimmie! Do you have a pdf of all the monthly pantry stock up videos from 2021? Thank you for doing all this work for us. I was stocking up the other month and I said something similar to what you said – I’m buying now to save a little in the future.

  13. Happy Mother's day!! Thanks to you I have a successful working pantry which I also inventory. You taught me what foods I can freeze, which has saved me tons of money! No more wasting food! God bless you and your family!

  14. Happy mothers day kimmy. I'm so thankful for your videos. They are always full of great information. I've been watching you since almost the beginning. I'd love to see more of the great depression cooking meals.

  15. Thank you for this. Your honesty shines thru. Happy Mother’s Day!! 💕

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