100+-year-old 1916 Autocar Coal Truck | Jay Leno's Garage

Jay dusts off his Autocar coal truck and explores the virtues of this simple yet ruggedly dependable design.

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100+-year-old 1916 Autocar Coal Truck | Jay Leno’s Garage

16 Replies to “100+-year-old 1916 Autocar Coal Truck | Jay Leno's Garage”

  1. People had large families a hundred years ago. You have put 6 or 8 kids in the back and drove to church on Sunday! I can't think of a more solidly built vehicle. Thanks Jay.

  2. A beautiful old truck built like a tank. Simple….reliable….solid.
    Just awesome.

  3. Neighbor had a 17 mack stake body with solid rubber and plow. In 1959 heady ride and he took us round the block in it. During snowstorm. Froze my buns off

  4. I would love to have a guided tour of Jays vehicles with Jay as the guide…over the years he has introduced me to new and forgotten vehicles.. love it

  5. Is there a source for replacing the old tires if they need replacing? Love these old trucks. There's an old Douglass in a museum here in Phoenix. Incredible the enginneering for the day. Keep it runnin' Jay! Thank you for your commitment to preserving these for all to see.

  6. I would be absolutely thrilled to own something like that A-car. My grandfather was a truck driver from the mid 20s to early 30s. My dad did from the early 60s to late 70s and I myself have been at for 35 years now (against my dad’s wishes). I love old things and especially appreciate old trucks.

  7. I love watch this show! I start to panic when I think about him not doing it anymore!

  8. Jay put a load of something in the bed and head to the nearest carrier enforcement station. I'd bet they wouldn't know where to start. A friend Don has a 1915 International truck it has open drive chains to the rear wheels, The boxer 2 cylinder motor (engine excuse me) was to far gone to rebuild, He rigged up a electric golf cart drive to propel it.and did an amazing job of putting it together! Another friend has a 1924 White truck it to has open drive chains, Neil passed on before he got it going, And Don is trying to buy it to work his magic on it. Love your passion on these videos. Fred

  9. That was great Jay. I think the MOTOR has five moving parts! I would be interested to hear the history, how you got it and so forth

  10. What a cool truck. I would have.never have seen one with out you Chanel thanks Jay

  11. Whoops. GM America sprung for reverse engineering 3 Lotus cars to create the New Corvette.. it's on Google, YouTube.. it's a comedy for the other 93% of people that live on earth.. America is a blow hard fake.. millionaires live in gated communities, homeless live under the bridge they drive over..

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