11 Winter Tasks To Guarantee an Abundant Garden Next Year

Prep your garden for winter with these tips from the squad: Kevin, @jacquesinthegarden @fluentgarden320 and @Blossomandbranch. Our goal is to give you comprehensive winter tips, no matter what your growing zone.


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00:00 – Intro
Zone 9+
00:14 – Start Seedlings
00:43 – Cover Cropping & No Mulching
01:26 – Zone 8B (Chris)
01:57 – Put Structures Away
02:36 – Put Up Covers
03:53 – Mulch
04:54 – Dig Up Perennials
06:17 – Zone 5/6 (Briana)
06:31 – Winterizing Plants
07:12 – Cover Cropping
09:22 – Making Leaf Molds
11:16 – Prepping New Beds


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24 Replies to “11 Winter Tasks To Guarantee an Abundant Garden Next Year”

  1. Omg I love the new format where you hit all the grow zones, and I also can't wait to hear an update next year on Biana's trials with the 3 different bed prep methods!

  2. I definitely enjoy just you and Jacques, but being from a more northern climate than SD, it's definitely nice to see the other perspectives as well from Chris and… The other one 😬. 🤣

  3. When can you plant cover crops. I live in Oklahoma. Have I waited too late? Thanks Bev

  4. Totally foot-stomp giving over some space and vid time to the women gardeners attached to your channel.

  5. HEY GARDEN BROS, winter is still 18 days away, and the first day of winter is Dec 21st, WE ARE IN AUTUMN WEATHER NOW!!! ITS 72F RIGHT NOW IN LA.

  6. Our greenhouse fell apart this year due to the weather so my husband had to move all of the plants into our office and now there’s no room 😩 he left a few of them out there that have been doing okay but luckily nothing died. We are zone 7a

  7. We are going into summer, but thank God our winters are mild. Can't imagine having to deal with snow.

  8. Great video. Like always !! Now you need to find someone join your team from a zone 2-3 , We have -40 Celsius in winter. It’s challenging. 😊 I just started gardening, 2 years ago, learning from all of you quite a lot, but I am missing tips for my zone. 😊

  9. Zone 5b here and the weather has been good. No snow on the ground, hasn't been super cold.

  10. We need zone 6 coverage. 🙂 Growfully with Jenna or Luke at MI Gardner would be awesome to have on your team. The girl from Colorado is ok but us lake folks have brutal snowfall. Great video.

  11. Am really enjoying all the different tips from around the world. Looking forward to implementing some of them. Thank you for sharing.

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