12 Riddles With a Twist Will Split Your Brain in Two

Are you good at reading other people? ???? All you need is train your skills: observation, attentiveness, critical thinking and logic. Riddles and puzzles are perfect to train all of the above. Here’s a fresh tricky riddle for you: guess who’s lying just by looking at people’s hands. Don’t miss a tiny detail that can be the most important clue! What would Sherlock start with? ????????‍♂️

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12 Replies to “12 Riddles With a Twist Will Split Your Brain in Two”

  1. when it came to the treasure one i knew it was the 4th one bc nobody could ever say its not in here cause that kinda sus as my opinion

  2. You can't always tell if someone is rich based on what they wear some people don't spend all there money on everything just because they have it

  3. When she was in the cave Riddle chest for would be lying because if it was telling the truth then that means the treasures do not in

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