12 Signs You're a Mentally Strong Person

Today you learn the signs of mental strength that you may have. Are you a mentally strong person? Do you have the willpower of someone who won’t back down and will stand up for what they believe in? Do you have the mental toughness to defend your values until the last straw? This video will explain it all.

The Psychological Science of Self Control

A Hot/Cool System Analysis of Delay of Gratification

Behavioral and Neural Correlates of Delay of Gratification 40 Years Later

The Push and Pull of Temptation

Autonomous Self Control is Less Depleting

Self-Regulatory Failure: a Resource Depletion Approach

Longitudinal Gains in Self-Regulation

Boost Your Willpower

Habits of People with Remarkable Willpower

Secrets of Extraordinary Willpower

Music: “cute” and “ukulele” from Bensound.com

Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO), HowlingCreations for helping to create this video!

18 Replies to “12 Signs You're a Mentally Strong Person”

  1. Top Think 👏👏✌👍your channel is a gift to the world may Allaah bless u forever!

  2. You can tell when you are mentally tough when your friend pinches you full strength but your mentality ignores it.and when you were the only one who did not get jumpscared of a horror movie in the class. And the one who took a punch on purpose breaking the hand of the hostile person

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  4. I though #7 was the explanation of a new The Sims mechanic. Watch out that depletion bar!

  5. This past month I cut off soft drinks, candy, processed foods and am cutting off potato chips now as of this week. I'd rather have a happier tummy & less fatigue than go on the way I've been going for nearly 50 years. I know my worth & I am happier to eliminate junk food by replacing it with fruits & veggies. I'd rather feel better, have energy & save money. "Short term pain & long term gain" is my goal now!

  6. I know im strong but my only weakness is drugs escaping reality not food if you cant control yourself over eating your a fat fuc dumass

  7. Don’t think about what you were, what you’ve been through, the mistakes you’ve made. Start thinking about who you are. You are free. You are blessed. You are a masterpiece. You are favored.

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