Today Red and I do the 1, 2, 3 Challenge! It’s similar to the Mr & Mrs game. We answer questions about each other at the same time and see who knows each other better! Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video!


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30 Replies to “1,2,3 CHALLENGE!”

  1. This is a joke dont tell to your mom XD mom: oh hi kids! Kids:hi mom:why sad? Kids: we lost the test… mom:WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU KIDS LOST IT!? YOU KNOW I CARIIED YOU FOR 9 MONTHES I PUSS YOU OUT AND THATS IT CUZ ITS A JOKE! Kids:……. thats not a joke mom: well i do next time kids: next time mom next time

  2. Joke: press read more.

    What do u get if you eat to many Christmas decorations

    Anwer: tincilittice

  3. Why not one of the questions be which is your favorite video game or favorite video game character

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