14 Riddles Even Smartest Students Couldn't Solve

Studies have shown that puzzles and brain teasers have really beneficial effects on your brain. They sharpen your thinking, boost your memory, help us think outside the box, and overall increase your IQ. They are like a CrossFit workout for your grey matter, to keep it sharp and active. Wanna upgrade your IQ? Train your brain every day! For example, try to crack these 14 riddles. They may look simple, but don’t underestimate them — they may challenge you and make you scratch your head.


A Punctured Tire 0:01
A Tricky Ploy 0:30
Is he smart enough? 1:36
A Fired Manager 2:31
An Antique Dealer’s Riddle 3:17
A Driver’s Problem 4:09
Notorious Shoplifters 4:52
Two Buckets 5:51
Important Documents 6:22
Socks Puzzle 7:24
A Smart Teacher 8:03
Hidden Treasure 8:45
What Happened to Prom King? 9:43
Sam’s Birthday 10:30

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14 Replies to “14 Riddles Even Smartest Students Couldn't Solve”

  1. The first one could also happen if the bolt or nail that punctured the tire was still in it.

  2. ⛄You said let it go like elsa “Let go let go I'm the one with the wind and sky”❄

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