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15 Minute At-Home Abs Workout
Equipment Needed: 2 sets of dumbbells

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Get ready for a your new at-home ab workout with this killer series by Charlee Atkins. Charlee Atkins is the founder of Le Sweat, and this workout will 100% leave you le sweating. It’s the perfect addition to any workout, any time, anywhere. #abworkoutathome #goodmoves #wellandgood

4 moves per round, 40 seconds each, 2x through

Round 1:
1. Classic Crunch
2. Reverse Curl
3. Leg Lowers
4. Sit-Ups

Round 2:
1. Plank Climbers
2. Heel Reaches
3. Plank Hold
4. 3 Point Crunch

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19 Replies to “15 Minute At-Home Abs Workout with Charlee Atkins | Good Moves | Well+Good”

  1. (All 40 Seconds)

    Set One (2x):
    – Classic Crunch
    – Reverse Curls
    – Leg Lowers
    – Sit-Ups

    Set Two (2x):
    – Plank Climbers
    – Heel Reaches
    – Plank Hold
    – 3 Point Crunch

  2. Safe to say one gets more hits on @popsugar! Great to see you’re blowing up there. @charleeatkins

  3. Omg I wish I could’ve taken a pic of my funny doggo as I was holding the plank on the second round. @charleeatkins you’re amazing. Thank you so much!

  4. ok; I did the first set. I'll come back tomorrow or the day after and pick up the vid at 4 minutes.
    update; okay half way done, I'll be back Wed. update again: okay the second half isn't as tough as the first. thx for the vid!

  5. These are great exercises that I can do when the weather is bad or I just can't get to the y in time. Thank you! ♥️????

  6. Love these workouts!!! Charlee's super chill and a great motivator! More please!! 🙂

  7. Super.. Looks easy but more effective and less tough to complete.. But nice way of presentation.. Keep doing.. Cheers

  8. Let’s get it gals we got this!! Don’t give up you have come this far, your so close to that bikini ???? bod! ❤️ love from another fitness youtuber!

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