15 Minute Bulgogi Noodles That Will Change Your LIFE!

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9 Replies to “15 Minute Bulgogi Noodles That Will Change Your LIFE!”

  1. Just got in some garlic chives today! This is now top of my list ????

  2. I just had rice with fried eggplant. Now I am hungry again for this. Claire is the best taste tester ever.

  3. Claire's approval ummmm ummm is everything! Claire is my ideal daughter if only❤ But I only got a son like Aaron that's cool too but Claire is EVERYTHING!!!

  4. This is one of our favorite recipes from Aaron and Claire. I make it about once a week, sometimes with ground pork, sometimes with no meat.

  5. Love bulgogi but I’m on a meatless diet atm. Would you make bulgogi using tofu or seitan? Do you already have any recipe for this? Thank you ????

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