15 smart IDEAS for your HOME

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I get so many questions about the things in my apartment and what I like and wear so I’ve collected links for many of them below.

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28 Replies to “15 smart IDEAS for your HOME”

  1. Hi Benita, I hope you are well. Thanks for the manual reminder. I'm off now to throw all mine out of my overstuffed sitting room drawer. Many hugs from Shetland xxx

  2. Hejdå is the world I learnt 🙂 Thanks to you, I'll go home and do the same cutting board hack!

  3. I love your style, Benita. I also love your creativity when faced with storage or design issues in your home. Your videos help to remind me to try to look for solutions using what I have and to tweak existing furniture or bought items by adding different handles, paint, fabric or timber. I am also encouraged to see what you can achieve when you work with what you have in your apartment rather than needing a workshop for woodwork projects. Thank you.

  4. I liked your rug you put in your kitchen, nice. Where was it purchased from? It is so nice and neutral too. Great helpful ideas of changes you made. Like the wood board on the side table and brilliant with the bathroom waste basket. I also like the painting you put behind your sofa.

  5. Love to see this kind of practical decorating for ease in one’s daily life versus focusing on impressing some theoretical visitor.

  6. Benita… tu sei il sole!! I tuoi video sono veramente fatti bene , thanks as usual !

  7. Ciao Benita! Ormai parli benissimo l'italiano! Great video as always, I've just finished renovating my apt and I'm about to furnish it and move in, so thanks for the inspo! Componibili for the win heheh

  8. I love the DIY stuff, you make it look so easy. I’m hoping you do a series on things like that. Hanging the ladder on the wall reminds me of what the Shakers used to do.

  9. Beautiful and informative video as always! Where's the hanging art/decor from at 17:47? I couldn't find it on your site and I love it xx

  10. Veldig inspirerend, takk for nok en bra video. Jeg lurte på hvor knaggrekken i gangen er fra? Jeg finner ikke link til den på bloggen, ser ut til at det er mest fra den gamle leiligheten der ????

  11. Tack för alla unika tips, perfekt❣️hoppas du mår bra/bättre, kram Jannike ❤️

  12. Bravissima Benita, sono delle idee veramente utili. A me piacerebbe imparare il giapponese, proprio perché è una lingua e una cultura differente dalla mia❤

  13. Wow, awesome!! Tusen tack, Benita! Now my small toilet trash situation is solved. ???? I will do the same.

  14. Love the video Benita your always so handy with fixing things around your home always looks so nice ???? bi love ❤️ your apartment it’s so beautiful thanks for sharing

  15. Jag vill gärna förbättra min nederländska. Om tyska och svenska hade ett barn, skulle det bli holländska. Jag vill naturligtvis förbättra min svenska. Jag ska till Uppsala juni 2024 när jag pensionera mig. I Uppsala finns en sommar språkkurs. Visst ska jag till Stockholm flera gånger. Ha det så bra!!

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