16 Crucial Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

From unexplained headaches, bad breath, frequent illnesses, muscle cramps to dry skin and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Slow Digestion – 00:45
Unexplained Headaches – 01:14
You’re Constantly Thirsty – 01:41
Bad Breath – 02:19
Decreased Energy Levels – 02:53
Frequent Illness – 03:28
Constipation – 03:50
Watery Eyes – 04:12
Sugar Cravings – 04:28
Dark Urine – 04:58
Muscle Cramps – 05:25
Low blood pressure – 06:07
Dry Skin – 07:02
Not Sweating During Exercise – 07:34
Joint pain – 07:34
Kidney problems – 08:20


1. Slow Digestion: Digestion can slow down for all sorts of reasons. It could be something that you’ve eaten or an illness. But a lack of water can make a big impact on digestion. When you’re not getting enough, you may notice that it slows down significantly. You might have stomach aches or random cramps. If this is happening to you for no apparent reason, you might try drinking more water and see what happens.

2. Unexplained Headaches: Headaches are a complicated phenomenon. For many, we don’t know the cause and we never find out. It could be a food sensitivity, stress, an illness, or — you guessed it — dehydration.

3. You’re Constantly Thirsty: It’s probably a no-brainer to say that if you’re thirsty, it probably means that you need to drink water. If you’re feeling a little parched, it could mean that you’re more dehydrated than you think. A great way to check is by taking note of how many times you go to the bathroom.

4. Bad Breath: While your breath may stink because of that garlic dish you had for lunch, you may want to down a glass or two of water to increase the saliva in your mouth for fresher breath.

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21 Replies to “16 Crucial Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water”

  1. I always get sick and sleep omg i also have suger cravings ????

  2. Yep I agree, it’s always important to drink water cause it helps the kidneys filter out the toxins, keeps you hydrated and prevents kidney stones. Good thing I always drink enough water.

  3. Water is not the reason for those symptoms, it’s a micro biome thing with bad bacteria, acidify the stomach and use salt in your water atleast once a day to restore acidity. This is just a fact, you don’t want to alkaline your stomach too much all the time, cancer, candida thrive in an alkaline environment.

  4. Here we go again..how much is enough and how much is too much..Dr.Berg said he only drinks about 4 cups of Pelligrino sparkling water a day and all this 8 cups is hocus pocus..the health gurus continually confuse the public and make them neurotic.

  5. My urine is very dark, I'm very anxious, I get chills, haven't had my period in 3 months. I drink like maybe a cup a day on average. I think I need to drink more. I've always been like this. I have brain fog and I'm scared my brain is dying. I also have headaches often. I think I need to drink. But I don't feel thirsty and it's so hard to remember or muster up energy to drink.

  6. i’m freaking out i don’t ever drink water, i’m so scared. thank you for making me drink more water for my health!

  7. I have to drink flavored seltzer water or club soda. . I hate plain water ????????‍♀️

  8. Wow this video is so informative…I know that Im not drinking enuf water.. i have alot of those symptoms mentioned in this video. so..my question is.. I get those big packs of water..Aquafina…at my store..and i think I go thru about 3 maybe 4 a day..is this ok?? how many ounces are in those?? also.. sometimes I do mix sugar free koolaid mix into the water…i drink it faster then.. is this ok?? I have Diabetes Type 2.. can anyone answer these questions for me??

  9. I drink water, tea or coffee EVERY HALF AN HOUR! Always running to the toilet for a wee, but rather that than dehydrating!

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