16 Little-Known Facts That Will Save You One Day

Imagine you’re in a forest and come across a bear. Or that you’re stuck in a building that’s on fire. Would you know what to do to survive? Life is full of surprises, and not all of them are pleasant. But there’s always a way out, even in situations that seem hopeless.

Many injuries could have been avoided if people had known how to behave correctly in critical situations. Sometimes, knowing a simple fact can increase your chances for survival or help save someone’s life. Yep, there are situations where a person’s life really depends on their actions and here’s a plan of action that could help you survive.

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How to escape from a car 0:28
Unpredictable fire 1:02
If caught in a fire, keep low to the ground 1:34
Address someone directly to get help 2:03
Encountering a bear 2:37
A smell of fish or urine 3:22
Rip current 3:55
A fire during cooking 4:22
Don’t eat snow even if you’re thirsty 5:00
Hide in the tub in case of a tornado 5:31
Water on the beach is too far from the shoreline 6:15
How to recognize a poisonous snake 6:46
Walking on thin ice 7:41
If your hair stands on end while you’re at an elevation 8:07
Don’t inflate your life jacket before getting out of the plane 8:38
Upbeat music behind the wheel 9:10

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– If there’s an emergency and you can’t get out, try to break the glass, but do it the right way. Don’t hit it in the center, but on the edges.
– If direct sunlight hits a plastic bottle, it can actually start a fire. This can happen because the water bottle acts like a lens that focuses the light coming through the window into one hot spot.
– It’s crucial to stay as close to the floor as possible during a fire to avoid breathing in poisonous smoke.
– If you let a bear chase you moving in circles, chances are it’ll give up trying to catch you, thinking you’re not worth its energy.
– A smell of fish or urine can come from electric wires melting, which can lead to a fire or even an explosion
– Sometimes the vegetable oil you use for frying can catch fire on a gas stove. You must cut off the fire’s supply of oxygen by putting something over the pan to smother the flames.
– Being in a freezing environment and at the same time putting something completely frozen into your body can quickly lead to hypothermia.
– If a tornado is approaching your area, obviously the best thing you can do is to rush to the nearest shelter or bunker, or get in the basement. If you’re looking for a place to hide inside your house, choose the bathtub.
– When the waterline is abnormally far from the shore, this is a sign of a tsunami.
– Non-venomous snakes have bifurcated scales on the abdominal side of the tail while the tails of their venomous counterparts are covered with non-bifurcated scales.
– If you’re trapped on thin ice and there’s no one to help you, start by lying down flat on your stomach and spread out your arms and legs.
– You’re standing on a hill, and suddenly your hair starts naturally rising in the air. This is a sign of the presence of electricity in the air, which often precedes a lightning strike.
– Who doesn’t listen to music while driving? It doesn’t mean you should avoid music altogether, but don’t choose upbeat, loud music that makes you want to dance.

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  1. Brightside:"Hide in the tub in case of a tornado"
    Me:What if u don't have one? I don't…
    Brightside:"If ur hair stand on the end it's ur chance to run"
    Me: what about bold ppl? ._.

  2. @ 6:15 I knew the one with Water on the beach is too far from the shoreline–
    If there is an earthquake before the water will fall back, a time later It will come rushing back to the shore and will be a tsnunami–
    I know this from MSA

    Sub to Bright side and MSA

  3. I was visited by a bear cub while hiking and the big bear was not happy. I raised my arms over my head, moved away from the cub as it kept coming near me, and started singing. The cub went back to the big bear and they left. I went back to my car taking a different route since the bears left the way I had come originally. I will remember to go around in circles if I am ever chased. I still hike but never alone anymore and I always talk or sing.

  4. You could try explaining what "bifurcated" means. I mean, if you're going to explain it anyway, why make people who've never heard the word have to Google it in the middle of your vid?

  5. The most dangerous things I found my self in were when I fell down the steps, got kicked by a pony, and when I broke open my chin.

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