2 Chefs Try to Make a 4-Course Meal Out of Bacon | Mystery Menu | NYT Cooking

Sohla and Ham are back! That’s right, it’s a brand new episode of Mystery Menu. Here’s how it works: We give them one hour and one surprise ingredient. They turn it into dinner and a dessert. Today’s secret ingredient is … bacon! What will they come up with? What does a bacon dessert look like? Watch to find out.


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28 Replies to “2 Chefs Try to Make a 4-Course Meal Out of Bacon | Mystery Menu | NYT Cooking”

  1. I ordered sohla’s new cookbook. and I’m really excited to be able to see how all that works and I am so glad that they’re back with new Contant. I just love the way these to work together and it’s fun. I have been a fan for a long long long time. What I would like to see is maybe one of these times when you get an ingredient see what you could do for somebody who has diabetes.

  2. Can we get a Ham and Sohla cook at home in a chill way they actually eat for dinner?

  3. Interesting that they're moving away from their usual role of ham doing entree and sohla doing dessert

  4. So fun!! All the food looks so delicious!! Also I'm obsessed with Sohla's t-shirt lol

  5. Everything looked so good???? and I really do hope there's some fresh produce next time!

  6. Do I eat bacon? No
    Did I like this video before I even finished watching? YES!

  7. I love how if a recipe says it needs 30 minutes of active time it will easily take me an hour (or more!) to make, yet they can pull this whole meal off in 60 minutes ????

  8. Sohla and Ham are so brilliant. They really should have their own cooking show. Show us poor schlubs how to cook brilliant meals. Pantry staples, one ingredient three course meals and the like. There would be so many grateful fans!

  9. Every time a new episode comes out I go "this is my favorite episode so far!" I just love all of these videos so much

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