2 Detective Riddles Will Reveal If You're a Psychopath

To solve these unusual riddles, you’ll need both logical deduction and a “non-standard” approach. Are you crazy smart or just flat-out crazy? Let’s find out!

The case of the broken vase 0:28
The first answer 2:03
The case of the murdered friend 3:13
The second answer 4:54

Only those who are able to put themselves in the criminal’s shoes can solve this mystery. And those people typically have a rich imagination or psychopathic tendencies.

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20 Replies to “2 Detective Riddles Will Reveal If You're a Psychopath”

  1. The first one I thought it's either Paul or Peter. I said Paul because yeah he didn't do homework to play soccer? And the other reason is that they both talked about Paul. And Peter said Paul is innocent and Patrick said Paul is the one who did it but they didn't talk about Peter that got me thinking did they not talk about him because they wanted to defend him or did they not do it because it really wasn't him? That's the reason I was wondering between these two. And the second one yep I got it right

  2. In the first riddle my answer was Paul cause he is hiding his left arm, So I think that he that to break the vase, Although my answer WAS right, But with a different answer 😐

  3. I got them both right 😀 and no I’m not a psychopath I just know what some people would do for love ????‍♀️

  4. I got both answers right. First was logical which was easy. Second my friend once asked me same riddle. And that time I was shock with answers

  5. On the second one, I just said police man but not the reason why. Can this mean I have a rich imagination or not?

  6. stacey kills Mary cuz he's a police officer! she is hoping he would come back if there was another muder! that was too easy!

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