$2 Loaded Nachos | But Cheaper

These homemade nachos have a presence on the table, and they’re real easy to make.

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19 Replies to “$2 Loaded Nachos | But Cheaper”

  1. Papa Josh knows how to feed the guest on Sunday 🏀/🏈/ ⚽️ game

  2. I just made the chipotle recipes last night! I’m never going back again 😂🤝 thanks again, lol you’ve taught me how to cook so many things

  3. I make my own corn tortillas and my own chips because it’s easy and cheaper…and AMAZING. Also, I live in Texas and this is the way.

  4. So I’m going to address the elephant in the room. It’s $2.37 per serving before labor 🥹 also factoring in the average hourly wage for making it yourself and then divide by the serving size, plus a restaurant mark up for making profit and viola we are left with the actual restaurant price. 🤷‍♀️ So is it really cheaper? I mean I guess if you work for free and clean up after yourself for free then yeah. 🥹👌

  5. we pay almost 5€ for 400 grams of ground beef, almost 2€ for 1 liter of milk. its a lot cheaper in America. could never do that food here for that price

  6. I love this series.. production value is high but where tf is he getting ingredients this cheaply?1.67 of ground beef here is 1/4 lb… maybe a bit more than that at best here

  7. Josh what makes you think a Nacho restaurant wouldn't get a Michelin star?? Michelin stars are not about high end sophistication, but good quality food and service.

  8. I apologize but what is the difference between American cheese and cheddar cheese? Until this moment I was told they were the same thing. =/

  9. Josh we need a BBQ jackfruit nachos/tacos recipe. PLEAAASEEE it costs way too much at a restaurant

  10. How is this $2 loaded nachos ? Mannnn that look like $50 worth of greatness 🙂

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