20 Amazon MUST-HAVES for 2023!!

These are my top 20 Amazon must-haves for 2023! These Amazon favourites are the best finds for cleaning products, home products and fashion finds…all on a budget!

Check out all my must-have Amazon products here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/organizedclutterbug/list/2B7GY8YOY2IG?ref_=aipsflist_aipsforganizedclutterbug

Check out my favourite organizing and cleaning products: https://www.amazon.com/shop/organizedclutterbug

00:00 Introduction
00:45 The Pink Stuff
01:19 360 Swiffer Duster
01:57 True Earth
02:42 Spray Mop
03:44 Mrs. Meyers
04:29 Roomba
05:06 Handheld Vacuum
05:58 Vitamins
07:08 Mud Masks
08:23 Soap Dispenser
09:02 Oil Sprayer
09:42 Chia Tea Concentrate
10:35 Glass Mugs and Straw
11:15 Vinyl
11:38 All Out of Pads
12:16 Books
12:46 Phone Case
13:07 Leggings
14:01 Dresses
14:41 Bathing Suits
15:36 End Story

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30 Replies to “20 Amazon MUST-HAVES for 2023!!”

  1. You had me at the Tazo Chai concentrate in the beginning in the video! I'm international and missing it soo much. Enjoy a cup for me.

  2. I just learned today that there are post-its that are colorless see-through and I needs it

    Edit: transparent. That's the word.

  3. I have been using Pink Stuff for years now. It does work very well.
    Just checking to see how you are after the incident with the kennel as well as your health issues. I had bariatric surgery 15 years ago and have road the lose and regain train. In the last 7 years I have been able to get this stabilized. Good luck and hugs.

  4. Awesome video as always, thank you! Please, could you (or someone here) tell me which spray mop exactly you recommend? There are so many on Amazon ????. Thank you so much!

  5. The laundry sheets still have microplastics in them. Polyvinyl chloride doesn't fully biodegrade. So while it isn't a big jug, it's still using a plastic that ends up in the water. So if you are doing it to get away from plastic, the sheets aren't the solution.

  6. Love your video! I’d love to try the leggings but don’t know which brand to get – the Amazon essentials has very limited sizes and colors and don’t look like the photos in your video. Thank you for all your helpful tips and the entertainment!

  7. Dang it I was hoping you had a pair of really good actual yoga pants…???? Those are leggings. I want some good old school yoga pants and can’t find them.

  8. I must say; you have excellent taste, Cass. Not for these Amazon products, which are fabulous, but for your living room! Looks great! Oh, did I forget to mention; I have the SAME rug and fireplace?!!? Wayfair???

  9. I call it shopping bulemia. Love your stuff, found four things here I want to check out. Edit: AAAGH where's the yoga pants link…????

  10. This video was like going shopping with the girls (friends). I had so much fun with you!! ????

  11. I've never bought leggings before and wanted to but had no idea what made a good pair so I never did. I went to the list you provided of the items in the video but, there's nothing there for the leggings! I thought at last I can safely try some, but not without a link. ???? Help! ????

  12. I have had these Yoga pants in several colors for years! I also love the short version. They are great, suck you in and hold up great.

  13. Amazon sucks in australia. Every second thing ‘delivery not available in your area’
    Plus Jeff is rich enough.

  14. I have sworn off going down the Amazon rabbit hole, but your video really had me tempted!! ????????‍♀️????❤️

  15. Cass, you are the AMAZON QUEEN!!! ???? Thank you for sharing all of those great products with us. I DEFINITELY want to try some of them! ❤ Power from a Mineral though? ????

  16. I love Howard Products for furniture—Feed-n-Wax and Refinisher. They easily refresh your furniture including white rings. While they don’t totally disappear they aren’t so noticeable. Great products.

  17. Did you just say Ghetto no name brand? What’s wrong with the ghetto we live here but we watch you and stop putting us down! Bye Already!

  18. If you ever heard as far east as the Ottawa area, I'll hook you up with some of my handmade Chai marshmallows. Hint: that concentrate is one of the ingredients.

  19. Everyone wanting to clean things with the pink stuff is gonna regret it when they realize it’s basically sanding down your finished surfaces a tiny bit every time which adds up overtime.

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