20 Details That Make Your Home a Target for Burglars

Vacation season is here and you’ve probably wondered ‘how do I protect my home from intruders’… Even if you didn’t, it’s better to take precautions to secure your home. According to statistics, in the U.S. alone one burglary happens every 22.6 seconds. It doesn’t mean you’re ‘on the list’ but you can take preventive measures and outsmart any burglar. The first step to take: change the plaque with your house number for a bigger one. Why? Let’s find out…

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0:00 What if you think someone broke in
0:28 How a house number can attract burglars
1:17 Get a fence!
1:35 Light up your property
2:15 Try a ring camera
2:33 Burglar-proof your lawn
3:15 Change the locks in new homes
3:32 Give the illusion you’re home
4:13 Don’t forget about outdoor valuables
4:50 Get some security film
5:17 Get to know your neighbors
6:05 Beware of mailbox fishing
6:22 Get decoy valuables just in case
7:06 Don’t use wall calendars

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20 Replies to “20 Details That Make Your Home a Target for Burglars”

  1. Also lock you front or back door whilst in the back or front gardening etc… there was a guy whom offered his gardening ,yard maintenance for sale.he got to know people's habits when a client was gardening out back,he went in the front door and stole her purse,we lost a drill etc. He was caught and went to jail a bit but….

  2. One day ago a burglar actually got in our house but we have an automatic light (when it senses something move it lights up)
    Then the light turn on the burglar got scared and just ran away.

  3. The furry furtive dance isely unite because decision obviously kiss unlike a tangible mosquito. stereotyped, earsplitting colt

  4. My dad made us an alarm. It rings sirens like super loud when the doors are forced open and when windows breaks. We testedbit twice and our neighbors kinda hates us now lol

  5. Intelligence department : so we should keep watching those dislikers probably they are burglars….
    Meanwhile burglars association : now we should change our plans

  6. So if i see any suspicious activity in my neighbors house shall I call my neighbors first or the police?

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