20 Things you SHOULD Be Buying at Dollar Tree in June 2023

Welcome to my Dollar Tree Shop with Me video for June! In this video, I’ll be showing you some amazing finds at the Dollar Tree that you won’t want to miss. From new decor to party supplies, cleaning products, and more, the Dollar Tree has everything you need at an unbeatable price.

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25 Replies to “20 Things you SHOULD Be Buying at Dollar Tree in June 2023”

  1. My "Dollar Tree" has finally added $3 and $5 items. Yesssss, I was walking down every aisle with my mouth opened at the great things.❤

  2. Dollar Tree, those little craft sets would be good for teenagers also!

  3. Our Dollar Tree has already stopped get the shore living and they haven't got bee items other than the plates

  4. The trouble with watching these videos which I love to watch is most of these things can't be found at our 2 dollar trees. Frustrating

  5. I enjoy your videos…so much. I love your enthusiasm about everything. I am sad to say that I don't have a dollar tree plus anywhere near my home, but I have 10, yes I said 10 stores within 15 miles, but not one has a dollar tree plus section. The corporate headquarters said they are mostly in the mid west. Isn't that strange? Well, I enjoy your crafts and hacks more than you know. Thanks for sharing. This is the very first comment I have ever made on you tube. I am 72 and still crafting. I'm going to keep it up!

  6. I went to my local Dollar Tree and it was so dirty and nasty I walked out.

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