25 DIY Outdoor Projects to Transform Your Patio and Yard!

In this video I present 25 easy and budget friendly projects to transform your patio, porch, or yard. These projects include a bird bath, a standing bird feeder, a hanging bird feeder, a small water fountain, a hose stand, watermelon outdoor dishware, a table with built in cooler, a windchime/candelabra, outdoor lighting ideas, a decorative rock arrangement, a double decker planter, a chair turned planter, patio wall decor, a firewood bench, a birdhouse, a chandelier turned hanging plant hanger, a bird themed thermometer, and more!

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15 Replies to “25 DIY Outdoor Projects to Transform Your Patio and Yard!”

  1. Good evening, Sherry! Perfect timing! We are restaining our deck and are in need for a back yard refresh. Thank you for inspiring with your beautiful and creative ideas! ❤️ Bobbie. P.S. Early Happy Mother's day. ????

  2. Sherry, your back patio looks AWESOME, when you first did it I loved it but now you have so much more, or maybe I’ve forgotten. Anyway, everything just looks gorgeous when you touch it. I just love your videos and I look for them all the time, don’t care if I’ve seen them before or not I just soak it all in more the 2nd time round. TFS and have a fantastic week.

  3. I love the fringe around the umbrella, I’d like to do that to my newly purchased umbrella but I live in Texas, do you think the hot glue will hold up in extreme heat? I also have the exact wicker tray and I was trying to think of something to do with it….your tray idea is perfect. Thank you so much for your outstanding videos and ideas!!

  4. Your projects are fabulous but please. Please …Don't destroy bricks….buy brick clips to hang things…please

  5. I'm moving house soon, from the Outer Hebrides (Scottish islands) to the mainland and am looking forward to having a garden again. Here, I have 6 acres running down to the edge of a cliff and the sea beyond. It's beautiful but lots of wind and autumn/winter/spring gales and everything blows away!!!
    I'll be making some of these for sure. Thank you Sherry!

  6. Youre a GENIUS. My favorite was the large chandelier turn hanging planter. I always look forward to your videos. Noone can DIY as good as you…..noone

  7. Your projects are just amazing! Your patio is so inviting. I love how you elevate thrift store & dollar tree items!

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