$25k Tiny House! Affordable house for sale & we tested it!

Tiny House Giant Journey videographer Matt Alexander takes us on a tour of the Incred-i-box – an affordable Tiny House built by Incredible Tiny Homes. This model starts at just $20,000! With the off-grid package and four extra feet of living space, this particular model is $25,000. He tested the space out by living in it for one month with his girlfriend their two dogs and two cats.

*Please note we did NOT receive payment to review the Incredibox. All opinions are our own.*







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Jenna Kausal

Matt Alexander

Marcia Trader

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0:00 Intro
1:02 Meet our videographer Matt!
1:35 The Incred-i-box by Incredible Tiny Homes
2:20 Affordable housing
2:59 Tiny house stats – size and weight
3:24 Incred-i-box construction
3:53 Cost of the tiny house
4:02 Design it yourself
4:51 Living off grid/utilities
5:45 Welcome inside!
6:18 Master bedroom
6:48 Insulation in the home
7:34 Loft
8:05 A cozy home
8:35 Kitchen
9:56 Bathroom
10:44 Off-grid power system
11:36 Outro

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23 Replies to “$25k Tiny House! Affordable house for sale & we tested it!”

  1. ???? What do you heat and cool the tiny house with ? I didn't see it, and you never mentioned it.

  2. This was a real puff-piece, an infomercial for ITH. The staging is cringe-worthy. They were given use of the house without cost, so even the slightest fault wouldn't be mentioned, although he did mention the cell phone reception problem. The panels are less than 2 inches thick, and you really can't safety attach anything heavy to them unless you add some additional structure, like the wood for the iron ladder. Having said that, I guess that it's a nice house for the price and for what you get if that's all you need. More suitable for short-term rental than full time living, but people who have them seem to like them.

  3. Great video! I did not know about the problem with getting cell phone signals. I think that the shower is bigger than 30 inches.

  4. Jenna I need a tiny home affordable that I can take care of my mom and follow my adult daughter with my fur babies! I promised her to always have “a safe place to land” so affordable tiny homes on wheels is harder to find now that tiny homes are popular.

  5. I love the idea of these custom built homes. I hope one day to see tiny homes custom built and in communities for disabled, elderly, and homeless people.
    People who are disabled and/.or elderly are often poor, especially if they are unable to work. It's hard to find an affordable place to rent that are also accessible. Most apartments have stairs even in the lowest level, and no home or apartment is built with disabled people in mind.
    I'm disabled, so always looking for new, interesting, and affordable ideas that might work disabled people. We could create communities with single level tiny homes, who could share caregivers. There could be a community building if people want to eat together, socialize, movie nights, or whatever people might want, while still living in individual units (apartments, or small houses).
    We all saw the horrific conditions in care homes during COVID, and so many people hoped that would lead to change. We need to treat people who are disabled, elderly, and/or homeless as human beings instead of nuisances to be ignored. I think tiny home communities could be a solution for many problems where people lack housing or housing with care that doesn't cost the earth.

  6. ITH are kinda unique, they started very small an niche but then blossomed into one of the biggest Tiny House builders there is, the reason for that is quality and price. They do actually give a shit about their customers, 1 vid i saw years ago, a Lady from Chicago bought a Tiny Home and had a small crash on the way home. They went out to her, bought everything back, fixed all the things that needed fixing and then Took her home safely, basically made sure everything was ok and escorted her home, all for Free. That sort of care is rare these days as we all know, they didn't have to do that, she had already paid and was on her way home with her new house but still they helped her. Damm good company ethic, make sure the customer is happy and taken care of.

  7. Love this! When I move, I'm going to look into this.
    I would like to know where he got that poncho from. ???????? I need it in my life. Exactly what I've been searching for.
    Thanks for sharing this and the fur-babies are precious.

  8. Very disappointed in this home, the construction looks so cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for.

  9. I immediately thought wow I could cover those interior metal walls with Fasade panels! They come in a myriad of styles and colors like bronze or silver aka tin. Best thing about this build was the rain collection.

  10. I love the Incredibox, I definitely want to buy a 8×20 in the future. Randy Jones is making affordable housing.

  11. Jenna, thanks for sharing this! I’ve been living in my 8 x 16 I-box for about 5 months now and love it! I’ve managed to add all of the modern conveniences like a washing machine and a dishwasher and used magnets and magnetic shelves everywhere on the metal walls. It’s a great, well thought out design and can be a great home for someone with a limited budget!

  12. This makes so much sense. Tiny homes are getting so expensive, and the luxury takes away from the adventure as far as I'm concerned. Being able to do it economically brings out all sorts of creativity! Thanks for the tour!

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