3 Common Jokes That Make People INSTANTLY Dislike You

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Ellen Degeneres has been getting a lot of hate on the internet recently.

This video isn’t meant to be a commentary on her, one way or the other, but after seeing those hate videos, we thought you might want to know the most common types of jokes that make people dislike you, and some of the jokes you can make instead to make people like you.


0:14 – #1: Sharing their sensitive information to get a laugh.
3:53 – #2: Making jokes designed to make the other person feel guilty.
6:10 – #3: Teasing someone of lower status than you.

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29 Replies to “3 Common Jokes That Make People INSTANTLY Dislike You”

  1. These interviews were uncomfortable to watch. I cringed nearly the whole time. Hard to imagine continuing to pursue the jokes.

  2. Ellen is a disgusting, unfunny abhuman. You don’t need a video explaining that. I think everyone knows already

  3. Since when is being called a nerd (aka intelligent) considered offensive? And since when does nerdness always project on the outside as well? Don't be fooled! Henry Cavill for example is a nerd. Nerds rock! ????????

  4. So I happen to know that before the interview in front of the audience, the host and the guest talk about what they are going to talk about back stage, they even do a small rehearsal. The guest being shy or uncomfortable is just an act to look like they are human or relatable to the rest of us. If they look relatable, that will make the audience like them more. And at the end of the day, for these celebrities, popularity is their priority.

  5. It's not that Ellen doesn't understand. She absolutely does. That's the point. She is an unt-cay.

  6. I might take this advice seriously when someone who's likable tells me not to do it.

  7. Why does this channel use late night talk shows as examples even though they're fully scripted?

  8. I always thought Ellen was okay until I watched one of her comedy specials. It was a strange contrast of how she could make strangers laugh but at the end, when she took questions from the audience one on one, a mean streak surfaced, and not in a funny Don Rickles kind of way but real aggravation at the person. I'm sure the people went home wondering why the change. I wasn't surprised when later allegations of a toxic work environment surfaced.

  9. This is such a sad channel. It’s designed for people who have a desperate need to be liked and don’t know how.

  10. Talk shows are rehearsed so all these celebs knew what Ellen was up to before hand. Bad writing is all this is.

  11. I think Ellen hates herself more than anything else. It caught up with her and she is gone. Good.

  12. Markiplier is bigger than Kimmel, Kimmel is coming from a place of insecurity and jealousy. It seems like someone teasing upward might come off as insecure or jealous.

  13. Even really is the most horrible “talk show” to have ever existed. She is a proper twatt: at best.

  14. Deep down Ellen is angry for whatever reason and needs to lash out at people. It's disguised as humor but the disguise wears thin after a while.

  15. Ellen really is a messed up cruel person. It’s a shame people still support her

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