3 Hot and Sour Soup Recipes COMPARED (Instant vs Vegan vs Chef’s Version) | Sorted Food

Ad| Who says soup has to be boring? The guys go one step further than opening a can of tomato soup by creating an incredible INSTANT hot and sour soup. If you’re vegan, give the thirty minute soup a try. Or if you have some time on your hands, specifically 80 minutes, take your time and create a fresh broth for the pro version!

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Instant Hot & Sour Soup: https://sortedfood.com/recipe/instantprawnsoup

Vegan Hot & Sour Soup: https://sortedfood.com/recipe/vegansoup

Pro Hot & Sour Soup: https://sortedfood.com/recipe/ultimatesoup

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30 Replies to “3 Hot and Sour Soup Recipes COMPARED (Instant vs Vegan vs Chef’s Version) | Sorted Food”

  1. I just realised I have that "tri blade" chopper, hand blender thingy. Don't leave that bottom bowl out in the sun (near a window), for some reason it causes the plastic to develop micro cracks.

  2. stick to the best ….hot and sour soup should be HOT and SOUR …Tom Yung goong my absolute fave ….great ideas guys brilliant trial

  3. I'd love to taste that last one, a proper Hot n Sour soup without any coconut stuff in it!

  4. I thought you were going to make Chinese hot and sour soup which is easy to make vegan not the Thai Tom yum soup. Such a very different flavor profile!

  5. I miss the "I'm gooey in the middle. Baby let me bake." song at the beginning of your videos!
    What's the name and who sings that song? ????
    I also miss "Comment of the Week"!!

  6. Would have to go with the prawn stock, it's worth the extra time. Also the look James gives when he noticed Jamie take a prawn from the instant soup and dip it in the chefy soup was great at 11:51

  7. So hot and sour Soup seems to be a SE Asian thing for Brits. For Americans it’s a Chinese thing.

  8. Ginger is almost the same as galangal??! It's like saying sunflower seeds are the same as pine nuts. Expected more from a chef, James 🙂 If you don't have galangal, do not substitute with ginger, just skip it.

  9. I can see the guys making the decision whether to call it tom yum soup

  10. Chefy answer: the look beautiful butterflied
    Real answer: I don't want to eat the poo

  11. Now, do you need a Kenwood for this, or can it work in any shitty, overpriced blender?

  12. The Kenwood multi-thing reminds me of my Oster Kitchen Center, which belonged to my grandmother and is still going strong.

  13. I hate tofu, is it even a food? Some people say it's bad for you… Please stop promoting Kenwood, it's poor quality. Please use Kitchenaid.

  14. clicked on it expecting chinese hot and sour soup (suan la tang)! a quick youtube search of 'hot and sour soup' leads to what i've got in mind…these seem more like tom yam kung (thai style ish???)

  15. Still using Coriander in eveything, for 15-20% of westerners it tastes like soap, for the rest it's a mediocre herb at best.
    For the 15-20% it makes any meal inedible. Good job.

  16. lol, when I see hot and sour soup I think of Chinese 酸辣汤 with the sliced back fungus, not tom yum

  17. It's kinda sad that Jamie ( see the pass it on videos) and Ben ( of course super geek) have a theme tune but the other boys don't. Barrys should be mumbly, James's should be grumbly and Mike's should be sassy. You've got a bit of time in lockdown…just saying lol

  18. Is that a Thai soup? I've never seen a hot and sour soup based on shellfish, so my guess is it's not a chinese version of things as that one originates in the north of china as a cheap warming up dish for the worker class.

  19. That's too much coriander as decoration on the chefs version, you're laying flowers on someones grave

  20. The vegan recipe looks great but it’s better if you fry the tofu for a bit in a pan to make it nice and crispy before adding it into the soup

  21. Y'all make food look and sound so delicious I really forgot I was allergic to prawns and can't have these ????????????

  22. Awesome video as always, but it bothers me more than it should that Shallots was spelled wrong.

  23. Hello gents, just want to share that when my family use shrimp stock, we usually pound the skin and heads with a mortar and pestle then drain the juice to add to the stocks… My grandma said that it will add a fuller body to the stock.

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