3 Kitchen Gadgets that WORK! | By Request

Today I’m testing out 3 kitchen gadgets by request, all of which I found to work well.

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0:00 Butter Crock
3:32 Omelet Maker
8:23 Mueller Kettle
12:05 Conclusion

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19 Replies to “3 Kitchen Gadgets that WORK! | By Request”

  1. As an Australian the water kettle discussion between brits and Americans is always fun to watch. Americans use them just like brits go to the dentist, almost never.

  2. i've only ever seen butter bells that are like a little plate where you put the butter and then there's a lid that goes over it, which is what makes it look like a bell. i've never seen ones where people put water in them and then have to pack the butter on the other side of it

  3. I've left out butter in a butter dish out for weeks at a time with non-issues. That butter seems silly and over complicated

  4. Blows my mind to think that it’s not common for Americans to have a kettle on the kitchen bench. Australia… it’s stock standard.

  5. We had a different brand of butter crock and werent fans. We tried it in fall/winter hoping that it and water would help keep butter softer and had no luck. It was still hard. Writing from Iowa so yes winter was cold as was the house

  6. As an Aussie I always find it fascinating when Americans discover electric kettles for the first time. We (and most of the UK and Europe) have had them in every home, office and hotel room for nearly a century. Ours run on 240V though so they boil even quicker.

  7. Still seems strange to me a Brit, watching an American learn about electrical kettles as we have been using them in the UK for about 50+ years, I cannot imagine life without a kettle.

  8. I've had a butter bell for years and I love it. Now if by chance my kitchen gets really warm froma day of baking or whatever, I have had my butter plop into the water. My grandmother had one on her counter for as long as I could remember. And I havevhad a water kettle for a few years and nothing special other than I can have hot water for tea or to make the kids a Ramen or if a recipe calls for hot water, almost immediately.

  9. I've used a butter crock this for over 50 years. It has been a staple item in our home without fail. I bought mine from a potter at an art fair.

  10. 5 minutes for electric kettle was abit slow haha mine just 2 or 3 minutes for full water

  11. Lol, As a Brit I wouldn’t call a kettle a gadget it’s an accessory ????????????????

  12. The LED lights in the kettle would be better if they were able to change colour to red when hot ????

  13. Have the Omlette maker & am now inspired to give it a try…it arrived last week!
    Going to buy the Butter croq….forget it's name….I use Keurig all the time for hot
    water…'just water' function…but guess it is not quite boiling…? ????

  14. The omelet maker, I just do not understand. I guess 1 I just don't like my omelets cooked that way, I like the goodies stuffed into the middle of the omelet. This just makes shaped scrambled eggs and a frying pan does it just as easily.

  15. You should test a butter churn to go with your butter bell. Mine is made by LEM. Fresh creamy butter is the best.

  16. James – You might not know it yet, but by doing that electric vs. standard kettle comparison, get ready to be part of the ridiculous, never ending America vs. Europe 110v vs. 220v debate. It's part of you now. Good luck, and I'm sorry.

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