23 Replies to “3 Tips For A Sore Throat ????”

  1. I take an antihistamine. A sore throat is caused by post nasal drip, if you stop the drip, you stop the sore throat. Works every single time.

  2. Drink licorice tea or better yet, get dried licorice plant pieces from an Asian market and chew on them lightly and swallow the juice. It’ll heal you up faster than all of this other stuff.

  3. I use green tea, lemon juice, peppermint and let that steep. Once it’s cool I stir in raw honey. Basically the Starbucks equivalent of their medicine ball.

  4. so all the organic expensive food he promotes doesn't actually protect you from getting sink,,,,,, womp womp !

  5. Is it true that honey can become toxic when it’s in hot temperature? It’s supposed to be warm instead??

  6. Something tells me regardless of how many hundreds of dollars you spend on fancy remedies you'll be feeling better in 7-10 days

  7. Oregano oil is anti-viral/anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so I put a few drops in a capsul and swallow it wih a half clove of raw garlic and a glass of lemon water. The cold doesn't progress EVER.

  8. Does manuka honey have lots of sugar. Bone broth great with lentil soup too. Just add more water ????

  9. What's better is preventing it in the first place. Don't overeat food, or overdrink water. Make sure you are providing your body with the substrates to make hydrochloric acid.

  10. Quit sucking tip and you won't have a sore throat. We all know the wife is a facade.

  11. Can you do a video about kombucha? I’ve been really loving the Humm brand but I want to know if it’s as good for you as people say ????????????

  12. Ugh had that cold 1 week ago lasted for 20 days . Lost my voice for over a week…. It’s ripping thru south Florida like crazy!

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