28 Replies to “3 Tips For Shorter Guys That Make You Look Confident”

  1. 5'9 and its all I think about how I feel inferior to others. I constantly claim 5'11 and the crazy thing is if I was 5'11 I feel nothing in life would hold me back

  2. This video is complete cope or joke at the same time, even if I'm tried to do the same exactly thing like Tom Holland and Kevin Hart, people will not taking me serious over my poor genetic height????

  3. 4'11 trans guy here. Insecurity's been hitting since I started transitioning and stopped pretending to not have a physical form xD. But I guess we all get a body, and I happened to get this one. If I don't be myself no one's gonna be me :v
    On the bright side, walking on the street and looking up at the world around me feels really cool. And well…most women are taller than me and insecurities aside, I can't help but find it hot so…

  4. This video isn’t just perfect if you are short, it’s perfect for every other insecurity or something special on you

  5. I am 4'11 and, my elder sister 5'2"… I feel sad for her for insulting me, calling me names for my height when she has nothing to say…
    I am ashamed to be related to a horrible person like her
    Shes a distorted personality

  6. The only way you can overcome the insecure of being short is work hard and be rich mentally and financially because you can’t be fit with normal class life style.. Anyway I’m 5.2 ????

  7. I'm a dance teacher. And the funny thing is, the students that usually feel insecure about their height are the tall ones. I guess being the center of attention and looks even when you don't mean to can be kinda stressing.

  8. I clicked on this because I was intrigued. I'm 5'6" so not tiny, but short by most male standards.
    I actually sometimes do one or two of the things on this video, though I had never noticed. But actually, the most significant thing for me is that I really don't care.
    I come from a short family so being short is a part of my identity, it's a connection to my heritage. Additionally, I don't think people really give all that much thought to my height, so I don't really worry about commanding respect. It has come up in conversation, but broadly most people have never given a damn. I've never seen myself as in competition with the tall people.
    Aside from the mild inconvenience of having to ask people to reach things for me from time to time, it doesn't impact my life at all.

  9. Wow isn't that crazy. Imagine talking about something which is no big deal like it's no big deal.

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