3 Year Garden & Homestead Transformation | Full Tour

I moved to the Epic Homestead in September of 2020 and began the transformation of what was a small house and a sprawling patch of bare dirt. Over the last few years I’ve absolutely transformed the space, but there’s so much more to do!


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00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Raised Bed Garden
02:33 – Rose Arch & Artichoke Patch
04:06 – Rain Water Tank & Dragonfruit Alley
05:18 – Fig Tree & Loquat Tree
06:36 – Citrus Trees
08:04 – Stone Fruit Trees
09:52 – Passion Fruit Trellis & Succulents
11:00 – The Pond
11:48 – The Greenhouse
13:56 – In-Ground Beds & Chicken Coop
15:26 – Composting Setup


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22 Replies to “3 Year Garden & Homestead Transformation | Full Tour”

  1. Have you thought about raising your own fresh water editable fish in the pond?

    Do you measure humidity in the greenhouse?

  2. Awesome! So happy for your space, you've done so much and it looks so great! Can't wait to see the new updates and changes too! Where are you putting your tomatoes, peppers and corn, etc.? In the back with the beds? What are your plans for the rest of the bit open space up front to the side past dragon fruit alley?

  3. Wow. Its amazing all that you have accomplished.
    Now there is a whole team helping you, it’s all so cool.
    The whole thing shows us how a little ingenuity, perseverance and know how can get you somewhere.
    Very happy for your success!!! I am glad I found your YouTube channels.

  4. Fancy garden- get some fancy Araucana chickens ???? that would be amazing because nobody has them

  5. Thanks for the update; the transformation is pretty incredible. If I had more disposable income, I would be doing some of the same big projects as you have (solar, rain water collection, and a greenhouse) at my new house. Alas, I will have to settle for a few smaller projects for the next few years. ????

  6. As someone who plays ungodly amounts of the Sims the thumbnail looks just like a Sims build screenshot in the best way

  7. Your homestead looks amazing! It reminds me of all the gardens I built for my Sims haha

  8. You've done a beautiful job, Kevin. I appreciate the gardening and cooking education that you provide! I've learned so much as I grow in containers here in my beautiful hometown of San Diego.

  9. You have made really good use of your allotted space. Your gardens are looking good and healthy.
    Thank you for sharing your videos

  10. Check out Jack First hotbed compost growing/ very interesting way to start earlier season

  11. If you want to add another process that incorporates modern excess into your homestead, here's what I do: I shred my cardboard and use it as litter in my chicken house. Then I put it in my vermicomposting bin. A couple of months later, I have worm castings for my garden!

  12. Have been watching your channel when you were at your old place. Can’t believe how much you have accomplished at your new home. You should be very proud ????????

  13. This is so awesome I kind of got emotional at the end processing how much you've grown and accomplished! I was here for at leat 3 of those phases leading up to this. You've done so well! Happy and proud of you!

  14. ???????????? wow! What a transformation! I remember when you bought the homestead and had the grow bag garden by the old shed. Time flies!! Do you find the vertical (Greenstalk) gardens less useful since you have so much space now? Or do you think they could be repurposed now that you have the greenhouse?

  15. I started watching this video with my boyfriend to dream about what we’d do with our future house. We have a cashdown, but the market is still crazy here.
    But we started the video and…. It hurts. We’re in Canada (5a) and can’t grow most of these beautiful plants.

  16. The transformation on your homestead has been amazing. I can’t believe it’s been 3 year’s already. It would be awesome to get another overhead drone shot with a before and after.

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