30 Killer Burpee Exercises – How To Do Burpees – Burpee King

Funk Roberts takes you through NEW 30 killer burpee exercise variations that you can add to your workouts. These 30 killer burpee exercises will help you burn fat, build explosive power endurance and get your fit…plus these burpee variations are FUN!

Burpees are the best overall full body exercise and Funk Roberts goes through 30 best burpee exercise variations. It is always good to keep burpees interesting.

Love Burpees or Hate Burpees that work!

Want mor burpees: 44 Best Burpees In the World – https://youtu.be/JNYQC-g1vU8

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  1. Sir Roberts, I love your spirit and each of your exercices.I send you tons of good vibes from Belgium.Thank your for sharing your knowledge !

  2. Kind of remind me of Bobby Jackson (who also had an awesome physique). Great video. Thank you!

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