3D Printer Instruction–Anet 3D Printer A8 Automatically Adjust Levle of Hotbed

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11 Replies to “3D Printer Instruction–Anet 3D Printer A8 Automatically Adjust Levle of Hotbed”

  1. Hi I am also needing the firmware to upgrade for the firmware and how to do the upgrade Thanks

  2. Alright before you go buying the probe be sure you have the firmware. Of course they dont post the site where you can find it. So check your menu for the autoleveling first. Amazon has the probe for like 10 bucks. Great option if you have the right firmware.

  3. I see a LOT of comments stating the custom leveling menu is missing from their printer. I can't find any answers to this problem within this video post. Support is the reason most people buy a certain product and the Anet A8 seems to be lacking in this area. Has anyone figured out what firmware one must use with this auto-leveling sensor?

  4. Kind of figures that this would be by someone from actual Anet – he is not using their firmware, does not provide any information on firmware, doesn't actually do what he said (as in set up the sensor for automatic bed levelling,) didn't even peel the paper from the acrylic frame! (but maybe that gives it the strength it lacks?)

  5. I just recived my auto leveling censor for my a8 can anyone send me a firmware which shows inthu video
    My emal is ( mayurtandel36@yahoo.com )

  6. How does this work with the NEW MAINBOARD V1.7. I´m missing the "Custom Levelling" Function. Please help!

  7. Omg i think your guide is so bad, nearly f**k my printer, your Z was at 1.60 first calibration, now 0.30???

  8. the sensor hitting the bed and the nozzle scratching the bed too, can it be offset or something to fix that, I need to offset about to -00.80 to fix it but it reset to 0 and start hitting again, anybody know how to fix it?

  9. Hi, Where can we find the firmware that works with the sensor? The 'Custom Levelling' option is not on my printer. Thanks in advance . terryhorne@gmail.com

  10. hello guys, i have purchased anet A8 and i have assemble it, now i'm calibrating z axis.
    i have a problem with auto Bed Level Sensor Calibration, i followed the same instructions from two videos on youtube but it didn't work and i didn't reach the same results ( the nozzle touches the hot bed and makes a mark on it ).
    any suggestions please or can you help me how to fix it, thanks.

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