3D Printer Instruction–Anet 3D Printer A8 Debugging Video

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23 Replies to “3D Printer Instruction–Anet 3D Printer A8 Debugging Video”

  1. I found an Anet A8, but everything wasnt with it. the white extruder blower, sd card that came with it also. Im struggling to get this to work. When I found it, it was mostly put together, but most definitely not set up. Ive given up on this printer, but its still in my possession. I just bought a FLSUN Q5. Either way, Im a noob. Please help

  2. Is there anyone here willing to give me some advice; everything is working but the second fan and I can't get the printer to melt my plastic. idk what's going on. also my middle portion isn't down like his is.

  3. hey sry to bother but my printer doesn't print….alll seams fine but it doesn't take the step to print
    can u help?

  4. hey can you help me out
    When i start the print he says printing but after a short time he starts again preheat pla (I had already done it before starting printing) and after its heated he does nothing

  5. Hello. I just bought a second hand Anet A8. Where can I found the original test gcode file?. Thanks.

  6. Great video, got mine all set up but no filament coming out says it’s heated up and it starts printing but nothing unless I push filament through HELP if you could offer any advice would be greatly appreciated

  7. hola tengo dudas como le hago perfectamente bien para entrar bien el plastico PLA al extrutor como se ve el ejemplo de su video diga me a que tiempo se tiene que esperar para que comience a printer ready etc .

  8. Anyone own or know anything about anet a8 plus, my filliment won't self feed through the nozzle. Any ideas what be helpful?

  9. hi, What is the problem … When the initial operation, the extruder is directed to the opposite side to the end and continues for a while the engine rotates even when the extruder reaches the end … The same applies to the surface … Also, the z direction motor works one and the other does not work .. Note that I almost checked the connections All are correct, i am using Anet A8

  10. HI. I need your help. i followed your instructions from the part 1 to part 2, and here. when i hit Home All, the extruder move to left, and the bed move backward, then nothing happened, i was expecting the extruder to go down as seen in the video. what seems to be the problem?

  11. hello my question is my wires the came with my power supply is diff color WHITE GREEN AND BLACK … which one is which

  12. I've done all the steps and pressed print and my extruded just sits there, on the screen (yes it's preheated and everything's plugged in correctly) it will count up the percentage of the print and once it hits 100% it goes idle and the extruded hasn't even printed anything… Any advice

  13. I’ve done everything in this video exactly by step twice and when I try to print, it says preheat PLA even though it is already preheated. How do I fix this to print.

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