4 Levels of Chicken Nuggets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

We challenged chefs of three different skill levels – amateur Emily, home cook Lorenzo, and professional chef Saul Montiel from Cantina Rooftop – to prepare their take on chicken nuggets. Once each level of chef had presented their creation, we asked expert food scientist Rose to explain the choices they made along the way – both good and bad. Which nuggets are you dipping into first?

Chef Saul is on Instagram at @chefsaulmontiel
Keep up with Emily on her YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/emilyduncan
and on instagram at @emilyslamduncan
Follow Lorenzo at @rollinabenzo
Rose is on Instagram at @rosemarytrout_foodscience

Level 1: Emily Duncan
Level 2: Lorenzo Beronilla
Level 3: Saul Montiel
Level 4: Rose Trout 
Director: Vanessa Moreno
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11 Replies to “4 Levels of Chicken Nuggets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious”

  1. i personaly prefere the 2nd level buuut the pro chef made something exceptional

  2. Going back to seeing episode of Emily as Level 1 is weird xP Even more so when with her been level 2 now the level 1 chef are all pre-bought ready made things. Seeing level 1 check actually prepare the chicken does show why she was move to level 2 lol

  3. I'm dying to eat Chef Lorenzo's chicken nuggets, this recipe doesn't look even that difficult unlike most of the pro chef recipes!

  4. I actually thnk the level 1 chef's nuggets look the most appetizing to me. Mostly because I hate anything other than chicken breast.

  5. Level 0: Take frozen banquet chicken nuggets, heat them in microwave, salt to taste, and serve with ketchup.

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