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We challenged chefs of three different skill levels – amateur Onika, home cook Daniel, and professional chef Frank Proto from The Institute Of Culinary Education – to prepare a piping hot paella (yes, Frank finally gets to make paella!) Once each level of chef had served up their creation, we asked expert food scientist Rose to explain the choices each made along the way – both good and bad. Which paella would you pick?

Check out Frank’s paella recipe here: https://www.ice.edu/blog/frank-proto-meat-paella

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17 Replies to “4 Levels of Paella: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious”

  1. “I grew up in a Spanish and Hispanic household.” Proceeds to completely butcher it

  2. rose trout's name wouldve been hose grout if she was a real estate agent

  3. “And you want to chop loud so the people in your house can hear you slaving away”—????????????

  4. NONE of those rices are even close to a real paella, that's SO wrong on so many levels….

  5. I know Frank was based in CT at one point, we used to get rabbit at Buongiorno's supermarket in Stamford

  6. That pro chef burned the s**t of that socarrat, there is no way that doesn't taste like a bitter lump of charcoal.

  7. I am disappointed every time I watch these that they don't try each others food!!!

  8. I'm so sorry but the three chef don't cook paella I don't know what they cook, but this is not paella.

    In Spain there are a lot of paellas but no one is like the three cooks do it.

    A better title for the video would be "4 levels of FAKE paella"

  9. “If you have any issue eating a rabbit, just use chicken”

    The cognitive dissonance in that statement is insane.

  10. How to Paella:

    Senia rice
    Vole or Eel or Duck (depends on season/availability)
    Lavender fed Xonetes
    Ferraura, Garrofo or Artichokes (depends on season/availability)
    Olive Oil

    Note: anything else added would be heresy

    Must only be cooked on open fire with orange wood as fuel or else it's heresy

    It's pronounced pah•EHL•yah and not pa•EY•yah lest I call you a Mexican.

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