40 Minute Fit Full Body & Core Workout | STF 2023 – Day 9

Welcome to SUMMERTIME FINE 2023 DAY 9! 56 Workouts left in our program! All fitness levels are welcome for this workout and you don’t need any equipment! SUBSCRIBE to the channel and share this workout when you’re done!

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This workout is such a great intro to the week as it truly is a workout that all fitness levels can rock at your own pace. We will work for 2 rounds of each exercise for 60 seconds each and we will be operating in supersets so there will be no rest between the exercises until after you complete them both. After those 2 minutes of work we will have a 15 second break and after the second round of those two moves you will have a longer minute break. Grab water, watch for what’s next, and work hard!! Move into full range of motion and TURN IT UP in round 2!

The Workout

Intro 0:00-1:39
Warm up: 1:40-4:40
Bent Rows 4:40-8:55
REST 8:56-9:25
Sit Ups 9:26-11:40
REST 11:41-12:40
Single Arm Deadlifts 12:40-16:55
REST 16:56-17:25
Chest Press 17:26-19:40
REST 19:41-20:40
Deadlift + Row & Chest Flyes 20:41-28:10
REST 28:11-28:54
Seated Twists and Sit Ups 28:55-33:10
REST: 33:11-33:55
Toe Touches and Single Leg Drops 33:56-40:40
Cool Down and Motivation 40:41-45:37

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27 Replies to “40 Minute Fit Full Body & Core Workout | STF 2023 – Day 9”

  1. It's mother's day ???????????? if only I could excuse myself from the in-laws

  2. Loved that workout! Strength training is my favorite! I feel like I'm getting stronger! Thank you Sydney and Happy Mother's Day to you and all the Strong Mother's out there! Looking forward to spending a beautiful Sunday outdoors with my children and grandchildren!!!

  3. I love having Coach Sydney as one of the first people I listen to each day!!!

  4. Crushed it! Truly enjoying this and it’s making it so easy to stay consistent!

  5. Work was really tough today, but I pressed play and I did my Sydney workout ????????????

  6. Those sweeps at the end ! Such a good burn. I'm feeling proud of myself. I was feeling pretty tired and unmotivated but I showed up and pressed play for myself ❤

  7. dear sydney, you will probably never read this, i just want to tell you that l miss doing your videos,????,,,you were my motivation to stay fit for about 3 years. I really enjoyed your fabulous routines and your energy????unfortunately last year I was detected with a clogged artery, that prevents me from exercising, my breathing is labored ???? it's hard to see a new notification of your videos and not be able to do them and it's sad not to have health insurance to get well again, I just want to say to people who are healthy that appreciate being healthy because we hardly ever value that and life can always surprise you, thank you Sydney for contributing so much to my life, you are unique!!!! ❤❤

  8. In a funk today. Kept putting off the workout. It’s 7pm, but I’m finally doing it

  9. Thank you I did it, I finished… It was hard but I love working on me. This work out was great keep them coming

  10. I psyched myself out today for some reason knowing this was a 40 minuter.. but wow! It flew by!! This was a great workout ???? Thank you Syd!

  11. I am praying that 60 second work periods are done after this week…seriously long and tedious workout today especially. Four minutes of hinging had me bored to tears. I’m currently waiting for the abs to end just so you guys get the ‘credit’! I’m 3.5 years into exclusively and obsessively completing these workouts, but if this format were to continue, I’d be out so fast. ????????????

  12. Love your workout!! Been following the routines since Jan 2013 ????????

  13. Thanks Sydney – upbeat music is great, positive uplifting words would be better. Again, thank you so much!

  14. Ugh those single leg drop sweeps! It hurts the side of my hip so don't know what I'm doing wrong, maybe not engaging my core more? But i enjoyed this workout and thank you for the talk. I know we need more friends around us that supports our goal. ????

  15. What a strong workout. The leg sweep was challenging & so much room for improvement on those which I know I will get better at it. In one exercise I stopped about few seconds before & after that our lovely trainer said not to do that, she definitely is watching me???????? my mind was blown away. Thanks Sydney for a strong workout. Great way to end the week. Crushed it strong???????????????????????? have a great weekend all !

  16. I love the combo moves, makes it mentally easier to get through 60 seconds of work.

    Thank you so much, Sydney and Dustin!! We appreciate y'all.

  17. What a FANTASTIC full body workout, Sydney!! Really loving the music in Summertime Fine, too????????❤????
    The best part about this one (and THANK YOU) is there were not alot of squats and lunges!!! I know they are awesome moves and I do them but it is nice not being overwelmed with them especially with a bad knee.
    I loved all the moves(the twists and that leg lift were my faves but TOUGH)❤, your form cues were spot on (as always). Add this to one of my favorites!! Loved it!
    Thanks, Sydney!!!❤

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