5 Composting Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

What if I told you your compost should actually smell GOOD?? In this video, we bust the top 5 myths and misconceptions about composting and by the end you will be armed with the info you need to build the ULTIMATE compost pile!


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00:00 – Intro
00:18 – Myth 1: Compost Smells Bad
01:22 – Myth 2: Compost Attracts Bugs & Pests
02:29 – Myth 3: You Have To Follow Specific Recipe
03:13 – Myth 4: Compost Takes Too Long
04:39 – Myth 5: Compost Kills Weed Seeds


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18 Replies to “5 Composting Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now”

  1. I have just been using a trash can with holes in it along with a pvc pipe in the middle with air holes. I try to keep it about 50 50 but I suspect sometimes I get a few more greens than I should. I wouldn't say it smells good but it doesn't smell bad. For my b-day this year my wife bought me a tumble composter so gonna see how that works out.

  2. I’m still working on mine. I’m definitely not doing a hot style, but mine has not broken down the way I thought it would. I thought as long as I covered food scraps with brown it would be ok but it’s not as well. Any tips for composting during the winter when everything is cold and doesn’t break down so well, at least mine didn’t.

  3. Never put grab grass in compost bin. I do however put it in my watering compost bucket.

  4. I am just using leaves, grass clippings, kitchen scraps and manure….no real meyhod, just seeing what i can come up with haha

  5. Extra tip if your compost has ants it’s because it’s too dry or too brown! Adding greens and water will help clear them out and speed up the breakdown ❤

  6. I have cockroaches and other roaches in my newest pile. Bus as it decomposes, the roaches leave, and the worms come in. so I warn whoever is moving my compost what to expect in each pile. I read that the purpose of cockroaches is to eat the detritus in the forest to turn into smaller components.

  7. I kept adding too many greens and not enough browns and ended up with a pile of flies everywhere. Luckily it went away with more browns

  8. I truly wanted to do compost. I don't know if I did it wrong or what. But the flies…

  9. I am restarting from scratch due to a move. My only compost, at the moment, is a 15 gallon drum with a lid used to Anaerobic compost two feezer of food we lost-meats, fruits and veggies. I also mix in greens, weeds, hay, chicken poop, whatever. If I manage to get things going then I am doing similar to what you have in the vid but keeping the Anaerobic bin for meats and other things-seeded stuff I do not want to chance and maybe a local problem neighbor. 😀

  10. Composting is the single most important environmental thing that we as a human race can do to keep the environment healthy. Every single city and county should have a composting program. Where I live there is a private organic recycling program that gives out free mulch once a month on the 1st Saturday and charges on the 2nd wednesday. Not sure what the rates are. I’m cheap so I only go on the free day???????? Some of the best mulch/compost I’ve ever used.

  11. I went down to my local tractor supply and bought cheap garden straw not knowing it was full of weed seed. I spent the next week plucking the sprouts out of the garden. Then I found that straw makes excellent brown material for compost and i threw all that mulch into the compost. Now my compost pile is turning into garden gold. A handful of greens with two handfuls of straw every time I add to it. And the weed seed? Let them sprout and turn the pile, adds even more organic material!

  12. He is EXCEPTIONALLY intelligent when teaching explaining educating schooling informing showing demonstrating dropping nuggets keeping us hip on correct information this video was on point!!!! Brief to the point hella informative!!! From start to end THANK YOU ????

  13. I know that composters naturally heat up but how can you get one to heat up to a certain temp? Other than the weather and natural deposition, is there another way to heat it up?

  14. 1 negative composting fact, it’s fookin hard work. The Bride was brain-washed by the eco-mafia a number of years back. Started with a compost tumbler, which should be considered a gateway drug. It has morphed into two large three x three x three compost piles, which have somehow become my responsibility. Now, to be honest, the sifted compost out of these piles is better than anything you’ll find at a big box store or garden center. Rich, black, fluffy compost. But what the sanctimonious, crusty, Jah-damned, unwashed, garden hippies don’t disclose is the amount of manual labor involved in aerating, monitoring and screening the aforesaid piles. And then you find yourself sliding down the slippery slope, buying composting thermometers, looking up diy accelerator brews, buying aerating corkscrews, because you can never, ever produce enough for the flower beds, vegetable garden and lawn. ????

  15. I just bury the daily scraps in holes around the yard…simple, no turning, and the whole yard benefits. Leaves are not raked, decompose in place or moved to another area. ????????‍♀️

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