"5 INGREDIENTS ONLY" Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S3 E3

In today’s Recipe Relay CHALLENGE the theme is ‘5 INGREDIENTS ONLY’!! Will the boys PASS or FAIL?! Watch to find out…


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25 Replies to “"5 INGREDIENTS ONLY" Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S3 E3”

  1. Way too hard on yourselves. You passed on brief and if it was edible then you’ve passed for PIO. It’s better than 75% of what comes out of these.

    I have to say the wheel is awesome! Remember the PIO Turkish Mackerel disaster? Try that again but with the wheel providing main ingredient, cuisine, gadget, and curveball. I mean if the wheel isn’t permanently names. Good luck!

  2. Would totally give sidekick a go if they did meals for 1 person. But as with all meal kits, it’s for a minimum of two

  3. I think 5 base ingredients is not a bad concept but I'd extend the pantry to sugar, spices, vinegar, etc.

  4. Mike sprinkling the ramen seasoning packet on the salmon brought back vibes of the Sorted Christmas Carol where they put the seasoning packet on the nutella sandwich. I suppose the last two thirds of this was technically was "Two Guys No Chef" lol

  5. What about Pass It On: dietary restrictions? Each person gets a new allergy/restriction (peanuts, gluten, dairy, shellfish, etc) they have to avoid using.

  6. My idea for a Pass it on theme: Tell them the theme is one of four national cuisine's (i.e. Japanese, Mexican, French, Italian.) chosen by the person going first randomly picking a card out of an envelope. Then while they're getting the next person one of the camera crew sneakily swaps out the card left laying the counter so each person thinks they are cooking a different cuisine.

  7. Ebbers chance to pass on some ideas to himself later in the challenge and then he just destroys that opportunity by spinning himself.

  8. I just always instantly like pass it ons because I know the effort and blood, sweat and tears they go through

  9. The concept of 5 ingredients is good but I think there needs to be done with a theme as well to kind of give the guys a ground to stand on.
    Jamie I hope you feel better soon!

  10. 3 versions of onions! Lolololol out of the 5 ingredients onions was the the one that got the spotlight!

  11. I cant believe two different people didnt know there are multiple sachets in an instant noodles packet 😂

  12. I think that if the crunchy noodles had been broken up and added for texture, as Barry intended, or if Mike had deep fried the salmon skin once it was flaked (maybe with some crispy fried, red onion) to be a crunchy element it would have been a pass. It needed that crunch. As it stands, it's a fail. But it is a fail with potential.

    ** Edit ** Also I probably would have added some lemon zest to the pasta as well

  13. Never seen people panicking so much over 5 ingredients!! It was hilarious 🤣

  14. of course the noodles are overcooked they only take less than 6 minutes to cook, why'd you make them barry?

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